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Why Weigela?

Weigela are an incredibly versatile shrub that are known for their showy blooms which appear in late spring to early summer. They are incredibly hardy and can be found in a variety of sizes and colors, both in their blooms and their foliage. These shrubs LOVE full sun, so the more sun you can offer them, the better their blooms will be.


We like weigela because they are so easy to grow and require little maintenance.

Weigela are a great shrub to use for the landscaping along the front of your home. They provide high impact color and look great all the time, thanks to their bright foliage and contrasting blooms.

They can be pruned but thanks to the range in size at maturity, there is a weigela for every spot.

Weigela Sizing

These shrubs can be broken down into three sizes.

Small: These dwarf weigela are perfect for the front of a planting bed and are typically two feet and under.

Medium: The medium varieties range in size from 3-4' at maturity and make an ideal foundation planting.

Large: The tallest varieties are over 4 feet at maturity and work well as a hedge plant.

Small Dwarf Weigela

Coco Krunch  One of the newest varieties, this shrub is know for exceptional hardiness.

My Monet Sunset My Monet Sunset gets to just 18" at maturity and is know for it's amazing deep color, especially in the fall. Primarily known for it's foliage versus the blooms.

My Monet  My Monet is pretty as a picture, hence the name. Tiny variegated leaves make it the perfect plant for the front of your hedge or border. Primarily known for it's foliage versus the blooms.

Crimson Kisses Weigela This smaller variety does get to about 32" but still has the stature of a small plant. It's a great option if you are looking for a pop of red color in the landscape. This is a blooming machine!!

Midnight Wine Weigela This is one of the tiniest varieties of weigela, a true dwarf flowering shrub at just 18"x18".

Medium Weigela

Dark Horse Weigela This stunning variety is known for its lovely dark foliage. This variety is an ideal choice for foundation plantings or low hedge. We're putting this one in the medium category although it is about 2'x2' at maturity because it is primarily used as a foundation plant.

Spilled Wine  It will grow to about 3 feet tall, but spread out and fill to the ground. 

Fine Wine Weigela The Fine Wine features pink trumpet shaped flowers that will attract hummingbirds to your yard. Reaches just about 4'x4' at maturity.

Large Hedge Weigela

Tuxedo Weigela Just like their name, these plants feature dark green, almost black foliage and white blooms into fall. Great sporadic blooms throughout the growing season.


Wine & Roses Weigela  Wine and Roses is a classic shrub with a classic look. It's a top performing whose dark wine colored leaves and bright pink blooms look amazing all spring and summer.

Magical Fantasy Weigela This taller variety looks interesting in the yard because of the contrast of it's foliage, which is medium to light green and edged in stripes of bright white.

Maroon Swoon Weigela The Maroon Swoon is one of the tallest varieties we offer, topping off at around five feet tall. It is a columnar version of the Red Prince below.

Red Prince Weigela The Red Prince is the tallest variety and reaches 6 feet tall each. It also features stunning crimson red blooms. This is the weigela you want for a hedge.

Rainbow Sensation Weigela The Rainbow Sensation offers something new and striking in it's variegated foliage. Combined with it's pink and white blooms, this variety really has a lot of interesting color to it.

Shining Sensation Weigela The Shining Sensation is a taller, mounded round variety, making it a little too full for a hedge but great for height in the landscape. The Shining Sensation is an improved version of the classic Wine and Roses.

Ready to get planting? We can help. This week, through May 20th, 2018, all weigela are 20% off. Come into The Barn and let us help you choose the perfect variety for your landscape.

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