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What's New in Dwarf Ornamental Trees?

Hello Barn Buddies!

It's Aaron here with an exciting new list of dwarf ornamental trees for the small spaces in your landscape!

Dwarf Ornamental.pngDwarf ornamental trees create stunning seasonal impact in your garden without taking up a lot of space. Here are some new picks that we will be carrying for the 2017 season:

Mariken Ginkgo - Mature H x W: 6' x 6' Fall Color: Gold 

This Ginkgo is a very unique cultivar in that it stays small and shrubby, unlike the massive trees it is related to. Our growers took this unique cultivar and grafted it to make a tiny ornamental tree! Ginkgos are known for their adaptability to different soil types and are generally considered "bulletproof" as a plant choice. Does best in full sun, just make sure it is not placed in constantly wet or boggy soils.

Peve Minaret Bald Cypress - Mature H x W: 6-8' x 4-5' Fall Color: Rusty Orange

Speaking of "bulletproof" trees, Bald Cypress are completely under-utilized in today's landscapes. Peve Minaret is a dwarf cultivar that is perfect for seasonally wet or boggy areas. In years of working at The Barn Nursery I have not seen one Bald Cypress come back dead, which is a testament to their choice as a landscape tree. This is a great tree for a homeowner that values diversification in the landscape and wants to try something new.

Rising Sun Redbud - Mature H x W: 8-12' x 8' Fall Color: Golden Yellow

Nothing beats a Redbud tree in spring! With rosy-lavender flowers adorning the branches each spring season, this Redbud continues to delight, while other varieties begin to blend in with all the other green in your landscape. Once the blooms are complete, the foliage steals the show. The leaves emerge a reddish apricot color and darken to a bright gold as they mature. The resulting impact is akin to an early morning sunrise. Redbuds do best in protected, part-sun areas. They prefer a nice well-drained soil and established trees like an occassional watering during the hottest months of summer.

Wolf Eyes Dogwood - Mature H x W: 6-8' x 8-10' Fall Color: Red with Pink Edges


Kousa Dogwoods have experienced a renaissance of sorts over the past several years with a great number of varieties being released. This one in particular caught our eyes due to it being one of the few variegated dwarf varieties. The leaves emerge green with white edges, large white flower bracts appear in spring that cover the entire tree. As the weather cools for fall, the green on the leaves turns a burgundy red, while the white margins turn a rosy pink. Kousa Dogwoods are known to be easier to grow than their Flowering Dogwood cousins, but still appreciate a nice well drained soil with part sun exposure.

Pink Princess Crabapple - Mature H x W: 6-8' x 8-12' Bloom Color: Rose Pink

Crabapples are truly a sight to behold in spring. Pink Princess is no different, as it is smothered in rose-pink flowers in spring. What sets this apart from other Crabapples is its dwarf habit and disease resistance. Pink Princess is a Sargent Crabapple, which means it is rated Excellent across the board for disease resistance by J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co. We've been looking for the best pink flowering Crabapple with purple-red leaves, and this beauty makes the cut, but at a smaller mature size compared to other excellent varieties like Royal Raindrops.

Visit our garden center this spring; we'd love to see you! Besides these unique varieties, we pride ourselves on carrying a wide selection of landscape favorites like Magnolia, Easter Redbud, Flowering Crabapple and Ornamental Pear trees. I'd be happy to walk the nursery with you and help choose the right ornamental tree for your landscape. Read more about our favorite dwarf ornamental trees for Northern Illinois here.



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