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What is #MonsteraMonday All About?

If you're an avid instagrammer you've probably come across the hashtag, #monsteramonday. Unless, you're also an avid gardener, you might be wondering what that is all about.

To sum it up, houseplants are the latest home design trend sweeping the nation. They've actually been growing in popularity for a couple years, but 2018 was definitely the year of the houseplant on social media.


Why are Houseplants so popular?

Houseplants have come back in a big way since the last appeared back in the 70's. This iteration of Houseplants for healthpopularity is primarily due to three reasons.

1. They are simple way to dip your toes into gardening. House plants are generally small, easy to care for and an ideal way to enjoy plants, without a big commitment or much work. You don't need a yard or a garden, just a sunny windowsill.

2. Houseplants offer a connection to the earth and organic living. If you love the great outdoors, or have made a commitment to sustainable lifestyle, a houseplant is the perfect way to help express these lifestyle choices.

3. Their variety makes them collectible. They're fun. These plants have a lot of style and personality; they are kindof like a living "collectible". In other words, once you get one, you are probably hooked on houseplants.

What is a Monstera?

The monstera deliciosa is one of the most popular houseplants, due to its foliage. The monstera is a split leaf philodendron. Each leaf has it's own distinct pattern of holes and cuts, which slowly unfurl as new "baby" leaves to wide, glossy mature stems. The stems are essentially climbing vines and can be trellised to help keep the plant more compact.

Monstera Plant Care Tips

Remember, houseplants are very easy to care for. The monstera deliciosa is considered a tropical, and prefer a sunny spot in the home.

Plant in a peaty, well-draining soil in a pot with drainage holes.

Your new plant should be watered when the top section of the soil feels dry to the touch.

We recommend a standard application of houseplant fertilizer as directed to keep it healthy and fulfill the nutrient requirements.

The monstera can be dusted as needed with a  damp washcloth to keep its leaves bright and shiny and will most likely outgrow it's pot every year or so.

Finally, take a pic! Post it to your favorite social media site and dont forget the hastag: #monsteramonday.

Want to learn more about houseplants? Read about which houseplants contribute to the health of your home and air quality.



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