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What's a Swiss Cheese Plant? A Beginners Guide to Monstera

One of the trendiest indoor plants you can add to your collection is the Monstera, also known as the Swiss Cheese Plant.  It has earned this nickname thanks to its interesting foliage, which has a mix of holes within each leaf. 

Monstera have simple needs and make a good indoor plant for beginners. If you've had luck with pothos or spider plants, this is your next level plant.


This variety of houseplant is tropical and native to Central America. In our area, two varieties of monstera have been cultivated as house plants, the monstera deliciosa and the monstera adansonii. Both are known for their amazing foliage covered with perforated holes. Horticulturalists believe they grow this way to allows tropical rains to pass through the leaves without damaging them.

Both are considered Swiss Cheese Plants, but have slightly different characteristics. Here's what you need to know:



Monstera Deliciosa: The monstera deliciosa is a statement making plant that you've probably spotted on home goods and clothing over the last couple years. It's large glossy leaves with the punched out holes is trending in home goods and is a fashionable addition to the home. 

This variety is more bushy and its air roots will attach to a trellis or pole and climb up as it grows. 


Monstera Adansonii:


The adansonii is the "viney" variety of monstera and is the cheesiest of all. This is a more compact variety that is ideal for a hanging basket or trailing off a shelf. It's leaves are a bit smaller and more perforated. 

Caring for Your Monstera Plant:

Sunlight: Monstera prefer bright, indirect sunlight. Think of putting them near a bright, sunny window.

Water: These plants like to dry out between consistent waterings. You will need to water more, the more access to sun that they have. Think about 1-2 times a month. 

Humidity & Temperature: 65°F-85°F. Don't let temps fall below 60°F.

Other Tips: Signs of underwatering include crispy or droopy leaves. Over watering can lead to yellow leaves.

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