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Unique Conifers for Your Landscape

Every variety of plant is unique; from the curve of the bark, the color of the needle or bloom, the seasonal hues and the shape of the foliage. Including less common shrubs, trees and perennials can change the entire look and feel of a landscape design and by using plant diversification, homeowners are promoting a healthy environment. It is critically important to include a variety of plant varieties in your landscape design. Including more unusual varieties not only protects plant material (and a homeowners investment) by minimizing potential damge from disease and insects, but it also creates the oppportunity to express personal style. 

The evergreen trees listed below will be available in limmited quantities are now available at The Barn Nursery & Landscape Center. We encourage you to stop by and take a look, indulge your passion for plants and try something new!

Are you looking for a show piece or specimen plant for home? The trees below are all hardy for our zone but include one or two features that really set them apart. Consider each of them a tool for diversification AND a great ornamental component of the landscape.

Here are just a few of the interesting evergreens trees you will find at our garden center this spring.

Golden Korean Fir - The Golden Korean Fir is easily recognizable for the golden yellow color of its needles and the bright vibrant purple cones it produces. At a mature size of 20 feet tall and 5 feet wide, its smaller size makes it an ideal specimen tree.


Silver Show Fir - This is a great opportunity if you are looking for a dwarf evergreen tree. This small fir tree will reach 5-6' tall over about a decade and features interesting purple cones with gorgeous silver green needles featuring a white underside.


Black Dragon Japanese Cedar - The black dragon grows in an irregular pyramid shape and makes a great accent or specimen tree for the landscape. Wonderful choice for Asian or English gardens.


Cruenta Norway Spruce - Experience a pink Evengreen! For a few weeks each spring, this spruce tree turns heads with it's vibrant pink new growth. Rather fast growing, reaches 10-12' at maturity.


Variegated Black Spruce - If you can't get enough of cool varigation in plant foliage, you'll love the Variegated Black Spruce. The blue green needles are streaked with gold. This variety is one of the most lovely spruce varieties available. 


Dwarf Sitka Spruce - Deer resistant, very dense and slowing growing globe shaped spruce. Outstanding blue color.


Dragon's Eye Japanese Red Pine - Bands of green and yellow on the needles create the impression of an "eye" and the color deepens through the season and lasts throughout the winter. Good choice for contrasting with dark or solid hued evergreens. Slow growing but can reach 30 feet tall.


The list above represents just a small selection of the specimen evergreens available at our garden center this year. We recommend stopping by to take a look. We would be happy to discuss their unique features and environmental needs. Planting a unique conifer is a great approach for those homeowners with a love of landscaping.

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