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Meet The Hackberry: Toughest Shade Tree on the Block

We carry the Hackberry for customers that have a black thumb. Really, if you have struggled to keep plants alive, this is the perfect tree for you. Why? This shade tree is incredibly tough and very durable! It is a great option for the parkway or industrial and commerical areas that don't get a lot of personal attention. The Hackberry is a tall shade tree that generally reaches around 50 feet at maturity while maintaining a neat, clean shape without any pruning. These trees grow evenly and offer a great canopy of shade. Hackberry are also known for their fall color and your landscape will glow from the abundance of yellow leaves.


This season we are carrying two varieties of this tree; the "Ultra Hackberry" and the "Chicagoland Hackberry". Take a closer look at both to learn which is the best choice for your landscape or parkway planting.

Ultra Hackberry:

  • Zone 2 (Incredibly cold hardy!)
  • Virtually Disease and Pest Free
  • Excellent Shade or Street Tree (H:40-60 ft W:40-50 ft)
  • Tough as nails: can withstand clay, pollution, salt, winds, etc.
  • Buttery yellow fall color
  • Faster growing than the species
  • Click here to learn more.

Chicagoland Hackberry:

  • Zone 3
  • Virtually Disease and Pest Free
  • More narrow than the species (20-30 ft width), has a strong central leader that requires less pruning and maintenance than other Hackberry cultivars.
  • Developed by Morton Arboretum and Chicagoland Grows programs
  • Incredibly adaptable to a wide range of soils and sites, more alkaline tolerant than the species
  • Golden yellow fall color
  • Even more vigorous growing than the rest of the hackberry species
  • Click here to learn more.

Is the Hackberry the right shade tree for your landscape? If you still are not sure, visit our Garden Center. Our experienced horticultural staff is here to help choose the perfect shade or ornamental tree for your landscape.
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