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The Top 9 Ornamental Crabapple Trees for The Landscape

By Julie Joyce April 3, 2019

Crabapple trees are a popular choice of ornamental tree, due to their pretty spring blooms and the..

Looking for a Smaller Ornamental Tree? Try a Jane Magnolia!

By Julie Joyce July 19, 2018

Looking for a hardy, easy to grow, flowering tree that stays small? We'd like to suggest the Jane..

A Stunning Flowering Tree: The Magnolia

By Julie Joyce March 7, 2018

Magnolia are one of the most stunning of all ornamental trees, due to their large, showy blooms...

The Ultimate Specimen Ornamental Tree: Japanese Maples

By Julie Joyce June 28, 2017

Japanese maples make a beautiful addition to the landscape due to their interesting shape, foliage..

Magnolia You Can Plant & Grow in Illinois

By Julie Joyce April 3, 2017

What's not to love about magnolia? There's a big list of reason these beautiful ornamental trees..

What's New in Dwarf Ornamental Trees?

By Aaron Isaacman February 8, 2017

Hello Barn Buddies!

It's Aaron here with an exciting new list of dwarf ornamental trees for the..

What Trees to Buy for Your Landscape This Year?

By Julie Joyce April 4, 2014

Best Trees To Buy This Year

Are you considering purchasing some trees this year? Let us help you..

Top 10 Dwarf Ornamental Trees for the Landscape

By Julie Joyce February 28, 2014
Who says bigger is always better? That's not the case with dwarf ornamental trees, which make a grea

Friday Garden Goods: "Why are Trees Measured in Inches?"

By Julie Joyce January 31, 2014

 "Why are Trees Measured in Inches?"

In the horticulture industry, standard shade and ornamental..

Trees for Small Spaces: The Jack Dwarf Flowering Pear

By Julie Joyce June 24, 2013

Update: As of 2019, Fire Blight is severely limiting the ability for pear trees to survive in our..

The 16 Best Ornamental Trees for the Landscape

By Julie Joyce June 3, 2013


The 16 Best Ornamental Trees for the Landscape

Ornamental trees add an interesting focal..


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