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The snow is gone, time to fix up your lawn....

By Julie Joyce March 21, 2019

Spring is officially on it's way after what seems like the longest winter EVER, am I right?

As we..

We've got Milorganite, and You're Gonna Want Some

By Coryn Hill March 20, 2019

Milorganite is the hottest lawn fertilizer on the market. Who would've thought? Suddenly, this old..

Fall Lawn Seeding & Lawn Care Tips for September

By Julie Joyce August 27, 2018

Late August and September is the best time of the year to improve the look and health of your lawn...

Safe Spring Lawn Care Tips that Work.... and you can do yourself

By Julie Joyce April 25, 2018
Why pay big bucks to a lawn care service for mediocre results when you can do the job yourself?..

Spring Lawn Care: How To Water New Sod

By Julie Joyce April 20, 2015

This is the time of year to start working on your lawn. The weather is perfect for lawn care,..

Heard in the Garden Center: There's Mold On My Grass!

By Julie Joyce March 27, 2015

At our garden center, we have had a few customers ask us about the mold that is appearing on their..

Easy Fall Lawn Care

By Julie Joyce September 4, 2014

Easy Fall Lawn Care

Just a few steps to a beautiful, healthy lawn!

Now, now, now is the best time..

Lawn Care & Snow Mold: Gray Spiderweb Mold on Your Lawn

By Julie Joyce March 24, 2014

This winter's weather has wrecked havoc on lawns all over Northern Illinois and the most frequent..


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