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The Ultimate Specimen Ornamental Tree: Japanese Maples

Japanese maples make a beautiful addition to the landscape due to their interesting shape, foliage and color. These specimen trees are frequently planted as a focal point in the landscape and used to add a variety of color.

At The Barn, we use a variety of cultivars, based on the location, size and exposure of the landscape. Below we outline some favorites, along with some photos of how we've used them in residential landscape designs.

Tamukeyma Japanese Maple

The Tamukeyama is a delight and a perennial favorite of our landscape design team. It has an elegant shape, spreading, low and slightly weeping. The foliage is spectacular;  finely cut,  reddish purple leaves that deepen throughout the growing season. This is a statement tree that demands notice.


Here is another image of a young Tamukyama planted at the entrance our Landscape Design Team designed and installed.


Bloodgood Japanese Maple

The Bloodgood Japanese Maple is one of the most popular upright cultivars in our area due to its hardiness. It features interesting reddish black stems that provide year-round interest.  The pretty red leaves turn a brilliant scarlet every autumn. This cultivar can also handle a bit more sun than others and remains at the top of thelist of ideal dwarf ornamental trees due to its relatively small size, topping out at around 15-20' tall and wide.


Here's another photo of a Bloodgood as the fall color comes in.



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