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The Top 10 Ornamental Grasses for your Landscape


From turf to tall, August is all about grasses. This month, our blog will feature posts on every type of grass, including lawn care, lawn seed and of course, gorgeous perennial and annual grasses. In this post, take a look at a list of our top 10 ornamental grasses. In August, these plants really start to show off. Watch for wispy plumes, changing fall color and and a variety of textures throughout late summer into Fall.

The world of perennial grasses is deep and varied. From tall to short, soft to prickly, there is a color and size for every need. Why consider planting them in your landscape. Here's a list of our favoriets.




Special Uses

Molinia 'Skyracer'                   

Tall Puple Moor Grass

2' foliage, 8' in bloom

Almost transparent appearance, this grass has low foliage and stiff upright plumes. SUN

Great architecture, this plant makes a fantastic specimen. 

Miscanthus 'Variegatus'      Maiden Grass


Wide cream and green variegated foliage that turns almond color in fall and reddish plumes in September. SUN

Striking color and texture contrast with dark leaf shrubs and perennials.

Miscanthus 'Graziella'          Maiden Grass


Large white fluffy plumes much earlier than other Miscanthus varieties.  Rich green foliage with burgundy highlights in fall. SUN

Absolutely beautiful in bloom!

Calamagrostis 'Elderado'     

Variegated Reed Grass

3' foliage, 5' in bloom

Columnar, upright green and yellow striped foliage and wheat-like plumes in August. SUN

Super hardy and great color.

Pennisetum 'Red Head'         Red Fountain Grass


This grass has extra-fluffy pinkish plumes beginning in Sept. SUN

Looks great planted with fall blooming perennials or in containers.

Helictotrichon                        Blue Oat Grass


Clumps of stiff blue-grey foliage and oat-like seed heads in early summer. SUN

Resembles Blue Fescue, but taller.

Sesleria autumnalis               Autumn Moor Grass


Clumps of limey green foliage that turns rust color in fall.  White plumes appear in August. SUN

This super tough grass tolerates drought, poor soil, and shade.

Imperata 'Red Baron'             Japanese Blood Grass


Upright, bright red foliage summer thru fall. SUN

Prefers moist soil.

Pennisetum setaceum 'Rubrum'

Purple Fountain Grass


****This is one annual grass we couldn't resist adding to the list!**** SUN

Gorgeous,  unbeatable purple plums - Great in pots!

Hakonechloa 'Aureola'         Japanese Forest Grass


Bright yellow foliage with green stripes and an arching habit. Easy to grow, brightens any shade garden. SHADE

Pair with: Dark leaf heucheras make a stunning companion plant.

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