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The One Annual You Have To Try This Year

Super Cal: Non-Stop Flower Power

What is it?

SuperCal is an easy-care hybrid – part petunia and part calibrachoa – with the best traits of both. SuperCal has large, vibrant flowers that look good after rain or watering.  It’s cold and heat tolerant, so it can be planted early and enjoyed well into fall. SuperCal doesn’t have the stickiness of a petunia, so plants maintain a cleaner look.


SuperCal is great for baskets, containers, and beds – wherever non-stop color is needed. It performs best in sunny areas.

Why plant it?

Known for its large vibrant flowers and superior outdoor performance, SuperCal is the ideal combination of petunia and calibrachoa. Super color, super easy.

 Where to plant and key care tips:

SuperCal is an excellent choice for baskets and mixed containers, providing lots of blooms until frost. An outstanding color range is available, including a new light yellow. SuperCal likes fertilizer – use both granular and liquid feeds throughout the season – and it prefers at least 5-6 hours of daily sun.

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