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The Lil Ditty Viburnum  - A Short n' Sweet Shrub

Viburnum are one of the most popular landscape shubs and commonly found in berms, planting beds and landscapes throughout neighborhoods in Northern Illinois. They are popular due to their hardiness, size, and beauty. Fragrant viburnum are also popular for the sweet scent of the white blooms that appear every spring.  Now, the new 'Lil Ditty Viburnum expands the usege possibilities of this hugely popular shrub.


 What makes the "Lil Ditty Viburnum unique?

  1. Small Mature Size - Most standard viburnum get fairly large. The Compact Koreanspice Viburnum actually get 4' by 4' and most other popular varieties can easily reach 6-10'. The 'Lil Ditty is a dwarf version, reaching just 24" at maturity, reducing the need to prune and making it the ideal viburnum for small spaces.
  2. Hardy - This species is super hardy and was developed in Minnesota. It qualifies as Zone 3 and can take Chicagoland winters with east.
  3. Multi season interest - This viburnum has multi season interest with beautiful white spring blooms and amazing fall color. Enjoy the foliage in throughout Autumn as it turns a bright scarlet red. Looking for shrubs with amazing fall color? Click here.
  4. Shade Tolerant - Viburnum love sun but this little version can take some shade making it a gerat solution for homeowners that want a blooming shrubs but lack sunlight.
  5. Fragrant - The blooms of the 'Lil Ditty will match the scent of the larger species. Enjoy the sweet scent each spring as the white flowers come into bloom.

Not sure is this is the right viburnum for your landscape? Take a look at other varieties we offer on our Plantfinder Tool.


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