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The Friendliest House Plant: Pilea "The Pass It On Plant"

Pilea is the Friendliest Little Houseplant in Town

The charming little Pilea houseplant is a charmer and one of the most popular houseplants we carry in our plant shop. Why?

Its nickname, the "pass it on" plant is the first clue. The Pilea Peperomioides is originally from China, but Pilea Peperomioideshas been passed along, over the years, from Asia, to Europe to the U.S. It's the perfect houseplant for sharing.

Little sprouts grow right along the parent plant. Allow them to grow, then pass along the "babies" to your friends and family.

As houseplants go, this is one of our favorites. It's bright green leaves add cheer to any desk or windowsill and they are easy to care for. They are also 100% non-toxic and of course, 100% eco-friendly.

How to Care for a Pilea Plant

If you've been fortunate enough to receive one of these cuties from a friend or loved one, or this is your first house plant, you won't have any problems keeping it alive and thriving. These plants are easy to care for, simply follow these plant care tips.

Pilea Plant Care Basics

Temperature: Pilea prefer a mild, even temps, between 60-80 degrees.

Sunlight: Moderate sunlight is preferred. If you move it outside in the summer, keep it in the shade since it won't like a lot of heat or direct sunlight.

PLant careWater: You should check the soil every couple days. If the top inch feels dry, give your plant some water. Make sure there is drainage at the bottom of the pot.

Soil & Re-Potting: Pilea can be planted in any regular potting soil and should probably be re-potted as they mature, every 2 years.

Adding a Houseplant to Your Home

House plants are an ideal way to add a non-toxic, easy to care for living thing to your home. Houseplants are fun, green-friendly, and a trendy addition to your workspace or home.

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