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The Best Way to Boost Blooms on Hydrangea

We get asked all the time, "How do I get my Hydrangeas to bloom?" Here's our answer....


Want better blooming hydrangea?

The timing of fertilizer application is everything!

Fertilize with products higher in Phosphorous closer to bloom time to promote blooming and bloom health. Nitrogen fertilizers can be applied in the spring and fall. We recommend Triple Super Phosphate, which we sell in our garden center. A 4lb bag is sold for $9.99. With a bag this size, you can fertilize about 10 hydrangea in the spring and again in the fall.

Acidic or Alkaline? Mophead or bigleaf hydrangeas can change their bloom color depending on whether you add aluminum sulfate or not in the spring. We recommend an early spring application to ensure your blooms are the color you prefer!

More sun = more blooms. Panicle and Mophead/bigleaf hydrangeas need at least part sun to achieve good blooms. Smooth hydrangeas can handle full shade and still bloom like champs! Be careful with Mophead/bigleaf hydrangeas in full sun though, these varieties like a lot of water and show drought stress quite rapidly.

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