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The Best Plants for Cut Flowers


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There's nothing we love more than waking up in the morning and exploring what's happened in our garden. New buds, and flowers about to bloom can be invigorating and inspiring. And it's perfectly acceptable to bring your shears and cut some of those perfect blooms to bring indoors. In fact, creating a cutting garden can save you time, money and make your home more beautiful outdoors and inside. Here are our tips for creating a garden of plants that are ideal for making indoor flower arrangments.

First, start with the finished product and then work backwards.

  • Think of the types of bouquets you’d like to make.
  • What types of flowers will create those types of arrangements.
  • For the best bouquets, choose an assortment of linear flowers, round flowers, and filler flowers.
  • Don’t forget to include foliage & accents.
  • Choose perennials that bloom at different times and fill in with annuals.

Location and Layout for a Cutting Flower GardeHeather, our garden center manager, recommends you think of your flower garden just as you would a vegetable garden. You'll need well amended soil to encourage the best blooms. If your soil is heavy clay or you don't feel up to preparing new beds, consider building or purchasing raised beds. They will work just as well as a bed carved out of your lawn.

The light requirements should also be considered. Many blooming plants require a lot of sun, but not all of them.  Consider planting shady plants in another area, such as hosta or hydrangea.

Finally, remember your garden needs to be accessible! In order to reach those pretty flowers, you need to be able to reach them. Plant shrubs, annuals and perennials in patches or rows and create paths w/stones, mulch, or steppers so flowers are easy to cut

5 Tips fpr Care and Maintenance of Your Flower Garden

  1. “Harvest” often: Just like we mentioned at the beginning, get out there and cut them! The more you cut, the more flowers you will have for decorating.
  2. Plant Seeds in Succession: When planting annual seeds, don't plant the entire pouch at one time. Stagger the plantings over a couple weeks so that the plants emerge and bloom over time. This will lengthen the bloom time of each variety.
  3. Mulch: Mulching your beds has 3 benefits. First, it keeps weeds at bay. Second, it locks in moisture. Finally, it prvides valuable nutrients to your plants which keep them blooming all summer long.
  4. Top Dress: Apply fertilizer after planting and re-apply monthly for best results.
  5. Stake: Keep some bamboo stakes handy to prop up top heavy blooms such as peonies.

Our Favorite Plants with Blooms for Indoor Decorating
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Hydrangea  -  Hands down, hygrangea make probably the best cutting flower. The super long bloom time allows them to be used from summer through late fall. At the garden center, many of us even cut the dried blooms in winter and use them in our holiday porch pots and as extra decorations in our Christmas Trees. Planting 2-3 varieties will give you a mix of colors and shapes for indoor decorating.

Zinnia - These cheerful and super colorful annuals are easy to grow and come in a variety colors to add some spice to your arrangements. They can be planted from seed or as seedlings.

Hosta - There are few perennials that are this easy to grow and we think hosta make the most amazing indoor bouquets. Standalone as a sleek and dramatic look or use them as extra filler or green with cut blooms. Their big size fill up vases fast.

Bulbs - After a long winter, everyone gets excited to see the first bulbs pop up from under the snow or soil. And almost every bulb makes a great cut flower. Mix-n-Match for a colorful display or go for a universal color of all white or yellow for a more sophisticated look. Just as the winter doldrums really set in, bulbs arrive for a touch of spring color outdoors AND inside the home!


Roses - Roses are the classic cut flower and for good reason. A classical rose garden looks so pretty outside the home and with constant bloom time, you can enjoy the look and smell of fresh roses all summer long.

Dahlia - Dahlia make a great cut flower and are universally loved for the quality of bloom, variety of colors and the cool shape of the flowers.

Coneflowers - Coneflowers make a fun addition to any flower arrangement. These hardy perennials have exploded in popularity over the last couple of years and their names, such as, Green Envy, Mac-n-Cheese and Tiki Torch.

Peony - Peony are the ultra romantic, ruffly flower every girl envisions in their wedding bouquet. And the plants themselves are easy to grow. Add a couple to your garden this year and enjoy these sweet blooms in your home.

Yarrow - This is a lovely perennial that makes a great filler bloom for indoor decorating with fresh blooms. It's also available in a mix of colors, so be sure to add this to your cutting garden.

Red Jewel Crabapple - When in doubt, add some branches. Using branches of all sorts in flower arrangements in a big trend right now, so grab your pruners and have at it. One of our favorites is the Red Jewel Crabapple, which can be cut in the spring when it blooms, or later in the year for it's berries.

Ninebark  - Ninebark is a mainstay landscape shrub and is one our landscape designers all time favorite landscpe plants. The main reason is the amazing contrast of color in the foliage. The deep red to dark purple leaves also make a great addition to any indoor decorating.

Common Lilac - This cut flower remind me of childhood, so maybe it's a little old fashioned. But it's popularity has DWARFKOREANLILAC.jpgremained for a reason. Lilacs make a great hedge or privacy shrubs and are easy to grow. But their beautiful and delicious smelling blooms really set them apart. The common lilac is our favorite.

 Now that we have helped you with what to do outside, what about the indoors? You've gto the plants, now you need the arrangements. To help, we've created a Pinterest Board for indoor cut flower arrangements. Enjoy!

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