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The Best Peach Trees for Northern Illinois

Grow Your Own Orchard of Delicious Peach Trees

Peach trees are an ideal first choice for home orchards because most varieties are self-fruitful, are relatively disease and pest free.  and have a number of cultivars that are suited to colder climates. So whether you are considering your first foray into growing fruit or have an existing orchard, going with one of the varieties below will have you saying, “Ain’t that a peach?”Peach Tree.png

One of the best reasons to buy a fruit tree from The Barn Nursery is that our expert staff has pre-selected the very best varieties for our growing conditions.  We are often asked “Do peaches REALLY grow here?”  and the answer is “Yes!  They do!”   when you select one of these hardy and delicious varieties.  

What makes these varieties ideal for Northern Illinois?  

  • First and foremost, they have delicious fruit.  
  • They are hardy and can withstand our cold winters.  
  • They bloom late.  Northern Illinois is notorious for late spring frosts.  If a frost occurs when your peach tree is in full bloom the blooms are damaged and you will not get fruit that year.  Planting these late blooming varieties makes it MUCH less likely that you will have a crop loss due to frost.  
  • They are self-fruitful.  Many varieties require a pollinator (a peach tree of a different variety).  These do not, which means you can plant just ONE tree and it will still produce fruit.  
  • They are tolerant of heavy soil.  Though we still recommend amending the soil with our One-Step soil amendment when planting to give it a good start.  
  • They are both freestone varieties meaning the flesh of the fruit peels away easily from the pit.  This makes preparing the fruit for cooking or canning SO much easier compared to clingstone fruit that you have to cut from the pit.  

Redhaven Peach

Height:  15-20’

Ripening Date:  July - Early August

Hardy to Zones 5-8

One of the finest early peaches. Colors a beautiful red and golden yellow. Flesh is firm, smooth textured and fine flavored. Fruit is medium size, round, uniform and appealing. Good for freezing, canning, and shipping. Disease resistant.

Yellow Contender Peach

Height:  12-15’

Ripening Date:  Mid - Late August

Hardy to Zones 4-8

A high quality peach with bright yellow flesh. Extremely cold hardy and tolerant of spring frosts. Sweet, extra-juicy fruit is an absolute delight for fresh eating, canning, baking, and freezing.

Planting Fruit Trees in Illinois

The Barn Nursery carries a variety of fruit trees and can help you select the correct varieties to meet your goals, including fruit production and cross-pollination. To learn more about how to plant and grow your own fruit trees take a look at these other articles on fruit trees.

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This winter we're making it even easier to start an orchard. Fruit Trees, especially Cherry and Peach, sell out quickly every year. Order yours this winter and get 20% off. You'll be guaranteed spring availability and can pick up or arrange for delivery and planting as soon the plants arrive. Simply enter coupon code: FRUIT20 at checkout. Order fruit trees online here.

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