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The Best Evergreens & Plants for a Landscape Privacy Screening


Neighbors are great but everyone enjoys a little privacy. We are frequently asked which plants we recommend to create a privacy screening. The answer depends on a couple of variables:

  • The size of your yard
  • The amount of sunlight
  • How much space you want to use on landscaping

Below we list the trees, shrubs and evergreens our landscape team recommends most frequently when planning a privacy berm. Berms are mounds of soil that increase the height of the planting bed and minimize noise pollution. However, a privacy hedge or screening can be installed and deliver similar results.

privacy berm hedge.png 

Top Evergreens for Privacy Screening

  1. Hick’s Yew

    Columnar habit will give height quickly to give you privacy or cover up your neighbor’s messy yard! Dark green needles keep their color over the winter. Matures to 6-8’ tall and 3-4’ wide. Alternative for yards with deer: Green Mountain Boxwood

  2. Dark Green Arborvitae

    Slightly more narrow and slightly taller than Techny (Mission) Arborvitae, why give up more of your yard just to get some privacy! Slightly faster growth habit and just as cold hardy, as well! Matures at 15-18’ tall and 4-6’ wide.Learn how to choose the right arborvitae for your landscape.

  3. Green Giant Arborvitae

    If you need privacy and you need it fast, Green Giant is your go-to. With a growth rate of up 3 feet or more a year and deer resistance to boot, it’s no wonder why everyone in the landscape industry highly recommends this variety. Matures at 25-30’ tall and 8-10’ wide.

  4. Norway Spruce

    Hardy, dependable and adaptable. Norway Spruce gets big and wide, stays dense, and is tolerant of a number  of locations. If you need to create a larger wind break or privacy screen, save money and time by utilizing this tried and true evergreen! Matures at 35-60’ tall and 20-35’ wide

The Top Trees & Shrubs for Privacy Screening

  1. Blackhaw Viburnum

    Too much shade for good evergreen cover? Blackhaw Viburnum is nice and dense with stems to screen out any unwanted sights or prying eyes even when there are no leaves present! It has excellent white blooms in spring and a gorgeous fall color of purples and reds. Matures at 12-15’ tall and 6-12’ wide.

  2. Straight Talk Privet

    Privet has been a widely used hedge for quite some time, but Straight Talk has changed the game by being the first Privet with a tightly columnar habit to save pruning and give you more of your yard to enjoy. Matures at 10-12’ tall and 2-3’ wide.

  3. Purple Pillar Rose of Sharon

    This Rose of Sharon has an incredibly narrow form and dazzling summer blooms to make your hedge more appealing to everyone! Single purple flowers with a dark reddish-purple eye give a tropical feel as they bloom from July to September. Matures at 12-16’ tall and 2-3’ wide.

  4. Bailey Red Twig Dogwood

    Fast growing and widely adaptable. Bailey Dogwood is great when you need privacy fast in spots that are just a bit too wet for evergreens. The green leaves hold up well during the growing season before turning purplish red for fall. Once the leaves drop the red stems will provide a great winter interest. Matures at 8-10’ tall and wide.

  5. Frans Fontaine HornbeamThis European Hornbeam cultivar has a more narrow habit compared to 'Fastigiata' and takes to pruning well. It has a mature spread of approximately 20' with a height of aroiund 30-40'. The smooth grey bark has ornamental value to provide interest even in the winter when the leaves are gone.

The Landscape Design team is happy to meet at your home to take measurments and prepare a design for a large-scale installation of a privacy berm. Contact our landscape design team here.

For smaller projects that do not require the construction of a berm, homeowners can opt for our Design on the Fly Service. Learn more by clicking below.

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