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Cover Crop: A Veggie Garden Winter Blanket

Planting a cover crop is like laying a protective blanket over your vegetable garden for the winter. 
Planting Winter Rye cover crop will:
  • Prevent soil compaction
  • Prevent soil erosion
  • Prevent nutrients from leaching out of the soil (especially important in raised beds!)
  • Act as a groundcover preventing weed growth
  • Add nutrients and texture to your soil when you till it in come spring (hence the nickname "green manure")

Learn all about how to plant a winter cover crop by watching this video.

NOW is the time to plant Winter Rye! Our garden center has what you need.

Winter Rye Cover Crop 5lb bag of seed Reg $19.99 SALE $14.99
One 5lb bag covers up to 1,200 square feet
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