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Something New To Plant in Your Garden: Pineberry

Looking for something new to try in your garden? We are always looking to stay ahead of the trends in gardening and growing your own vegetables and fruit is a trend that just keeps expanding.  If you are planning to grow a vegetable garden, or just want to try out a new fun plant, we've got one in mind. Take a look!


Introducing Pineberry! These unusual berries are a variety of strawberry but they are white and taste like pineapple.

What are pineberries?

Pineberries are a sub-cultivar of regular strawberries. They are neither genetically modified nor are they a cross between a pineapple and a strawberry. They are simply a strawberry that has been grown to have white fruit with a pineapple flavor!

These white strawberries look and grow just like your standard red strawberries but their white color adds interest and contrast in your garden. Simply mix them in with your other strawberries and watch them grow.

Pineberries are Popular

These little berries are creating quite a buzz in the culinary and locavore world. You'll find them popping up on menus in the finest restaurants and in local farmers markets.

The Fruit of a Pineberry

The fruit of the pineberry is similar in shape to the strawberry but the fruit emerges green and slowly fades to white. They also have a pineapple flavored aroma and taste. Pineberries are slightly smaller than traditional strawberries and their size and color make them less appealing to animals and birds. We recommend planting them among traditional strawberries to encourage pollination.

We're always looking for new fun plants to try!

And we know many of you are too. Swing by the garden center this month to pick up sets of the our latest find, the Pineberry!



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