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My Latest Favorite Perennial: Penny's Pink Hellebore (Lenten Rose

Consider yourself a bit of a crazy plant lady? Me, too.
I love plant science and am amazed by some of the varieties plant breeders are able to come up with.  Selecting the newest, most unique varieties to offer at our store is perhaps one of the coolest parts of my job.  And every once in a while I come across a plant that just knocks it out of the park. 
Helleborus 'Penny's Pink' is one of those plants.  
My Latest Plant Crush
When I first started working at the Barn Nursery in the late 90's there was one, maybe two types of Hellebores on the market.  Since then the popularity of this early spring bloomer has EXPLODED!   To meet the increasing demand for new and unique Hellebores, growers have been breeding different varieties and selecting ones with some pretty awesome attributes.  
One such attribute is color.  We now carry hellebores in shades of pure white, wine red, green, yellow and even black flowers.  Generally, as flowers mature, the color fades to green.  Growers have been selecting varieties to maintain their color through maturity and have found Penny's Pink to hold it's color long after other varieties have faded.  
Another attribute is flowers that face outward.  Most hellebores' flowers face down. Growers are now creating varieties with flowers that face out so that you can see the flowers from above.  Penny's Pink has flowers that face out and are held above to foliage for a super showy display.  
Some of the NEWEST varieties have been selected for unique foliage.  Hellebores have thick, leathery semi-evergreen leaves, so by adding interest to the foliage we now have a plant that is colorful and interesting all year long!!!  Helleborus Penny's Pink has deep green foliage with silver and pink marbling that is truly amazing!
If you are like me and appreciate a horticultural masterpiece when you see one... stop in and check out Helleborus 'Penny's Pink', the newest addition to our Hellebore collection.  
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