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Patio Peaches: Grow Your Own Fruit in a Tight Space


Looking to add some flare to your outdoor living space? Patio peaches are the perfect touch. Whether you're a seasoned baker or simply a peach fanatic, we have the variety for you. And for gardeners that want to grow fruit trees, but lack the space, patio peaches are the perfect solution.


Krishnam Moosaddee

As its name implies, the Bonfire Patio Peach boasts a fiery burgundy foliage throughout the summer after the pink spring blossoms fade. You can expect a showy golden yellow hue in the fall. The peaches are a white flesh, clingstone variety that can be used for canning or baking needs.


Bonanza is defined as “A large amount of something desirable...”, which is exactly the word we would use to describe the abundance our Bonanza Patio Peach provides. As a true genetic dwarf reaching only 4' in height, this variety of peach packs a big punch in terms of flavor and spring flowering display. The fruit is yellow fleshed and freestone which you can eat and enjoy right off the tree.


They are versatile in terms of planting location, so you can keep them in a container on your porch or plant them alongside your patio as an accent piece. If you do choose to grow your peach tree in a container, make sure you have space to over-winter it in a shed or unheated garage. It will not survive the winter in a pot, outside.


Patio Peach Tree Growing Tips

Self-pollinating and sun-loving, caring for these dwarf fruit trees is a breeze.

  • Be sure to check water needs often, especially if container growing. Slow, deep watering in any location will benefit the tree.

  • Well-drained soil or container is a must!

  • Use a 2” layer of mulch around the tree to help retain moisture and keep roots cool in dry, hot summer months.

  • Fertilize in spring and fall with an all-purpose fertilizer.

  • Prune unripened fruits to improve your crop.

Our garden center in Cary, IL is currently stocked with patio peaches, along with a large selection of other dwarf fruit trees. Growing your own orchard in Northern Illinois is a fun addition to any landscape. Even the most low maintenance landscapes can handle a fruit tree. In fact, we just pulled a huge basket full of fruit from the apple and pear trees we have growing in our nursery.

Curious about dwarf ornamental trees? Read more here.


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