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Building a Backyard Fire Pit: Style & Landscape Construction Tips

By Julie Joyce February 21, 2017
Since it just so lovely out, why not spend some time planning your spring landscape project...

9 Reasons to Garden with Coop Poop this Spring

By Heather Moister February 20, 2017

9 Reasons to Add Coop Poop to your Garden & Landscaping

Want to know the secret ingredient..

What's New in Dwarf Ornamental Trees?

By Aaron Isaacman February 8, 2017

Hello Barn Buddies!

It's Aaron here with an exciting new list of dwarf ornamental trees for the..

Tropical Plants You Can Grow in the Midwest

By Julie Joyce February 1, 2017

We interrput this winter to bring you this message from Summer....

Living the midwest, we can all..

The Best Plants for Cut Flowers

By Julie Joyce January 16, 2017


There's nothing we love more than waking up in the morning and exploring what's happened in our..

The Best Way to Boost Blooms on Hydrangea

By Julie Joyce January 13, 2017

We get asked all the time, "How do I get my Hydrangeas to bloom?" Here's our answer....


Custom Holiday Decor, Wreath, & Winterscape Porch Pots

By Julie Joyce November 28, 2016

'Tis the season for candy canes, wreath, ribbons and bows. If you love decorating for the..

Custom Firepits: 6 Things to Know

By Julie Joyce October 13, 2016
Planning an outdoor firepit or fireplace?
 Adding an outdoor fire element such as a custom..

Cover Crop: A Veggie Garden Winter Blanket

By Heather Moister October 3, 2016
Planting a cover crop is like laying a protective blanket over your vegetable garden for the..

Shrubs That Grow in Full Sun

By Aaron Isaacman September 26, 2016

Sick and tired of planting shrubs that shrivel up and die? Or just overwhelmed with high..

Dwarf Shrubs for Small Landscapes

By Aaron Isaacman September 13, 2016

If you have a small landscape or garden and you don't want to spend time pruning them down (who..

Shrubs with Autumn Color Steal The Show

By Julie Joyce September 1, 2016

Landscape Shrubs for Autumn Color

Autumn Color. Are you researching road trips to see the trees..


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