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Roses with Fall Color: Miracle on the Hudson Rose

By Heather Moister October 1, 2018
The garden center has just received a new shipment of Miracle on the Hudson Roses.
Named in..

Fall Lawn Seeding & Lawn Care Tips for September

By Julie Joyce August 27, 2018

Late August and September is the best time of the year to improve the look and health of your lawn...

Looking for a Smaller Ornamental Tree? Try a Jane Magnolia!

By Julie Joyce July 19, 2018

Looking for a hardy, easy to grow, flowering tree that stays small? We'd like to suggest the Jane..

Perennial Lavender: A Top Choice of Landscape Designers

By Heather Moister July 17, 2018

Perennial lavender is one of the most recognized garden perennials due to it's graceful shape, the..

Houseplants That Improve Your Air Quality

By Heather Moister July 16, 2018

Houseplants are trendy that is certain. You've probably seen them popping up all over Instragram..

Best Alternative Plants to the Emerald Green Arborvitae

By Aaron Isaacman July 10, 2018

Chicago, we have a problem.

People are having a lot of trouble keeping Emerald Green Arborvitae..

Looking for a Non-Toxic, Organic Mosquito Spray for Your Yard?

By Heather Moister July 9, 2018

Hey, guess what? Our garden center has a non-toxic, chemical free mosquito repellent for the yard..

HOSTApalooza! The Ultimate Shade Perennial

By Heather Moister June 14, 2018
We are SO proud of our Hosta Collection!  Hosta are tough, durable, and with so many varieties to..

Why Weigela?

By Aaron Isaacman May 14, 2018

Weigela are an incredibly versatile shrub that are known for their showy blooms which appear in..

5 Stunning Summer Annual Container Ideas

By Julie Joyce May 1, 2018

Ready to start planting? Annual season has arrived!

One of our most popular articles showcases our

Why are needles dropping off my Colorado Blue Spruce?

By Aaron Isaacman April 27, 2018

The Colorado Blue Spruce has been a mainstay in Illinois landscape for years. However, over the..

Safe Spring Lawn Care Tips that Work.... and you can do yourself

By Julie Joyce April 25, 2018
Why pay big bucks to a lawn care service for mediocre results when you can do the job yourself?..

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