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Ride The Wave: Wave Petunia Love

By Julie Joyce May 9, 2016

Do you aspire to that perfect, spreading bed of gorgeous color? If so it's time to ride the..

Coleus Couture: The 2016 Summer look book

By Julie Joyce May 4, 2016

Coleus is a foliage annual that has become a popular choice for gardeners over the last two years...

Dwarf Versions of Your Favorite Plants

By Julie Joyce April 28, 2016

It's cool to be small and downsizing is in! When it comes to home design and decor, being small is..

6 Top Performing annuals you're not planting - but should!

By Heather Moister April 25, 2016
Are you hesitant to try new plants because you are not sure how they will perform? Many of..

The One Annual You Have To Try This Year

By Julie Joyce April 19, 2016

Super Cal: Non-Stop Flower Power

What is it?

SuperCal is an easy-care hybrid – part petunia and..

10 Great Alternatives to the Endless Summer Hydrangea

By Julie Joyce April 18, 2016

 The Endless Summer Hydrangea can be a gorgeous plant. But in our area, hard winters lead to most..

Design Fool Proof Annual Containers: Get the Guide

By Julie Joyce April 5, 2016

We put together this color wheel to help our customers plan their annual containers a couple years..

Wondering, "Which Vegetables Can I Plant Now?"

By Julie Joyce April 1, 2016

We've got the answer:

Veggies You Can Plant NOW!

There are many spring vegetables that love the..

The Hottest Trends in Landscaping

By Julie Joyce March 30, 2016

There is only one constant when it comes to the landscape, which is that your landscape is always..

Your Vegetable Planting Calendar

By Julie Joyce March 30, 2016
"When can I start planting my garden?"  The answer depends on what it is you would like to grow. ..

Forsythia's Vibrant Yellow Blooms Announce The Arrival of Spring!

By Julie Joyce March 21, 2016


The forsythia shrub is one of the first to come into bloom into the spring. Their bright yellow..

Soil Preparation for Vegetable Gardening

By Julie Joyce March 16, 2016

More and more consumers are becoming interested in both their food sources and how it's grown...


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