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The Top 10 Barn Nursery Blog Posts

One of the top goals of our blog posts is to share information with our customers. We know that unless your plants succeed, we won't succeed. We share our knowledge of horticulture in the hopes that it will help our customers make the right plant choices, delight in new discoveries and increase awareness of the plants, skills and services we offer.


Our experts at the Barn include college educated horticulturalists, with degrees in landscape design, forestry, horticulture and more. Every year we hire the brightest college students we can find that are passionate about plants, excited to work outside and love helping customers. And our long term staff made up of self-learners know more about plants, perennials, disease and bugs than I could ever hope to learn. Basically we are a bunch of plant nerds that can't wait to share our world with you. Often times our water cooler chats are what lead to our blog posts. We catch wind of a trend, help a new customer with something tricky or ID a "weird" plant and the next blog post is off and running. And the best part is, you are reading it!

So below, enjoy the top viewed blog posts we have posted over the last couple years. They cover a HUGE variety of topics, including landscape design, ornamental trees, insect problems and gardening. Enjoy our recap and we will keep them coming for your enjoyment.

  1. The 16 Best Ornamental Trees for the Landscape This is the little blog post that just keeps on trucking along. Apparently everyone loves ornamental trees. This one post has over 30,000 views!
  2. Pine Saw Fly, aka "Worms Eating My Pine Tree" - a common insect problem solved in less than 600 words.
  3. The Perfect Small Evergreen Tree: Baby Blue Eyes Spruce - This dwarf evergeen is a great choice for homeowners that want year end privacy but don't have a lot of space.
  4. Trees for Small Spaces: The Jack Dwarf Flowering Pear - This is the perfect dwarf oramental tree for small spots.
  5. Winter Burn & Salt Damage in Evergreen Trees & Shrubs - You can easily protect boxwood and arborvitae from getting yellow over the winter. Read how in this popular blog post.
  6. The One Annual You Have To Try This Year - Read this post for a new annual that will rock your gardeing world.
  7. What's the White Fuzzy Disease on My Magnolia? Magnolia Scale! - this is probably the most common tree disease we diagnose in the garden center. It may look like a mold disease, but it is in fact, an insect.
  8. 21 Fascinating Shade Trees for The Landscape - Choose the perfect tree for your landscape!
  9. How To Choose the Right Arborvitae for Your Landscape - It is critical to choose healthy arborvitae that match your site. Learn how in this blog.
  10. 10 Great Alternatives to the Endless Summer Hydrangea - For gardeners and hygrangea lovers that want to branch out or have been disappointed in the Endless Summer.

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