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Our Favorite Things: Plants, Landscape & More

We're starting something new! Everyone that works for The Barn has one thing in common; a passion for gardening and landscape design. So we are always coming across something new we just can't get enough of...

Now we're going to share those mini-obsessions with you! From our landscape team, to the gift shop and chosen from our 10-acre retail nursery, enjoy these selections of plants, landscape ideas and more.

July 2017.png

From Heather:

Anyone that knows Heather may be shocked to learn her choice wasn't a perennial! Maybe she just can't choose one? These robin eggs blue glazed pottery with a Sonoma Wine Country theme are perfect for any wine lover! Not only is the design totally irresistible, but the color makes it ideal for bright or pastel annual combinations. Plus, right now they are 30% off.


From Jen:

Jen's representing the Perennial Department this month with her choice of a stunning summer blooming perennial. The blooms on this Hollyhock are so luxurious. The image below features three different varieties of the "Spring Celebrities" series, which feature, pink, purple or lemony yellow blooms. This perennial likes it dry and it drought tolerant. It is also a smaller size variety and tops out at about 42" tall.


From Aaron:

 This is the tree for those of us that crave a Japanese Maple but don't have the right location. These trees give the spectacular fall color and graceful branching characteristic of a Japanese Maple with the extra hardiness and larger leaf of a Korean Maple. Its ornamental features include red leaves in spring that change to green by summer, showy pink samaras (helicopters) in summer and a fantastic orange and scarlet-red fall color.


From Julie:

I've written about Yarrow because it is one of our most popular perennials that attract bees and butterflies. And while I have understood their value as a plant, I had never really seen them in all their glory until a recent photo shoot for our landscape division. The beautiful and cheery yellow tone of these summer bloomers brightened my day and they are at the top of my Wish List. Currently, we have this summer blooming perennial at the garden center in a quart size for just $7.99, so it is low cost, but BIG impact.


From Tom:

Tom's "favorite" is a lifestyle, not a plant. July is the perfect month to enjoy the outdoors in Chicagoland and Tom and his family are avid outdoor entertainers. Everyone is always welcome on their custom bluestone patio and at their regular evening bonfires. Tom's landscape design includes something for everyone. A  bonfire firepit, a casual space for entertaining and a formal seating area for dinners. And by including uplighting and fire elements it can be used all day long and well into the evening. Watch for an upcoming blog post on this fantastic landscape design.

Want to replicate this look? Contact Tom to get started on an outdoor living space your family will use all summer long.


From Rob:

If you've met Rob, you know he likes to talk. So, his choice is no surprise. Rob loves this firepit because it creates a 360 degree seating plan for conversation and camaraderie. It's high on comfort and offers a casual option for families to relax. What makes this so appealing is the classic, clean look with the use of bluestone chip to create the patio surrounding the custom firepit. You can combine elegance with casual living.

Want Rob to create a landscape design that includes a custom firepit for your family?

bluestone chip patio and firepit.png

From Stephanie:

Stephanie sent me this cute pic from the garden center nursery; you can see our famous barn silo popping up in the background! The shrub she chose is the Amber Jubilee Ninebark

We all have to agree, this landscape shrub is a winner. Here are a of couple reasons.

  • it grows anywhere and is really hardy - this shrub is tough as nails!
  • it's full of color and changes throughout the season, pretty much showing every color of the rainbow
  • nice medium size and can be pruned anytime

amber-jubilee-ninebark.pngWe hope you enjoyed our first "Favorite Things" blog post!! Everything featured is available right now in our garden center nursery or through our Award Winning Landscape Design Division.

What plants or landscape elements are you loving this summer? We'd love to hear. Send us a pic at julie.j@barnnurserylandscape.com and we will include you in our next post!



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