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Ninebark: An Easy To Grow Flowering Shrub with Purple Leaves

Ninebark are a native shrub to North America and named for their interesting curly bark. These purple colored shrubs are a ninebark.jpgtop seller at our garden center. Why? The reasons are plentiful.

  • Deer Resistant Ninebark are often chosen for area where the deer population is plentiful and troublesome. All of the ninebark species are usually avoided by deer and other animals.
  • Easy to Grow One of the reasons so many homeowners turn to ninebark is that they are easy to grow and maintain. This is a good option if you want a low maintence shrubs or are unfamiliar with the planting site. These tough plants can take drought, solt and can be used in corporate settings where they won't need a lot of personal attention.
  • Grow in shade or sun Depending on the variety, these purple leafed shrubs are very tolerant of site conditions. Their color contrast and bloom quantity may change, but they are capable thriving in a variety of locations.
  • A shrub that bloom in the shade The ninebark species is one of the few shrubs, besides hydrangea, that will boom in a shady area.
  • Summer blooming shrub And they bloom in the summer! Most plants bloom in the spring, but not ninebark. Their white blooms pop against the bold deep purple foliage and create contrast and add color throughout the summer. 
  • Purple color For the most part, ninebark had a dark purple color leaf, but there is a lot of color variation depending on the species. Some of these shrubs turn color throughout the season from yellow, to green to deep purple. Many customers are looking for contrast in their landscape and these bushes with purple leaves do just the trick.
  • No insect issues We already mentioned that deer don't eat ninebark, but another plus is that they are mostly insect free. 
  • Fast Grower Ninebark are really fast growers and fill in quickly. However, they do hold their shape well and since there is a good range of size options, there is little need for pruning.
  • Great hedge shrub Ninebark should be considered when planing a hedge. As we touched on before they grow quickly and fill in fast, making it ideal for privacy.
  • Winter interest  As stated in the name, ninebark are known for their curly colorful bark, making it a plant that tops the list for winter interest.
At the Barn Nursery, we carry a ninebark for every possible use in the landscape. Various shades of green to purple, sizes and shadeamberjubileeninebark.jpg tolerance are available to choose from. Take a look at some of the varieties we have in stock this summer.

Amber Jubilee - This variety grows 6 ft tall by 4 ft wide and is known for the chaning hues of the foliage throughought the seasons, from yellow-orange-red new foliage in spring and summer, maturing to lime green then purple in the fall. Hardy to Zone 2,  Sun to part sun but gets best color in full sun. Good for using as a specimen, accent, or a hedge.

Center Glow - The Center Glow ninebark matures are 6'x6' and has a deeper red color that really makes the vibrant clusters of white blooms pop all summer long. Zone 2 hardy, sun to part sun, bright gold new growth mixed with the deep red older leaves creates a stunning contrast as a border or accent plant.

Coppertina - One of the largest species at a mature size of 7'x7'. It is known for and named for it's rich coppery color and is one of the toughest varieties available. Zone 2 hardy, sun to part sun, excellent for use as a hedge or border. Good choice if you have too much dark purple in your landscape!

Diablo - The Diablo is the biggest variety, maturing at 8'x8'. The diablo has a deep, dark purple foliage color and is ideal for taller hedges. Zone 2 hardy, sun to part sun, more slow growing than other varieties which makes it useful as an accent or specimen. These dark purple bushes also have larger leaves compared to other varieties.

Little Devil - This variety is the dwarf version of the Diablo. It matures at just 4'x3'. If you are looking for a shrub with purple leaves and pink flowers, this is a good option. Zone 2 hardy, sun to part sun, smallest leaves of the ninebark varieties giving a very fine textured appearance. Slower growing than Diablo making it very useful for accents, low borders, or as a specimen.nienbarkdark-1.jpg

Petite Plum - Gets to 5'x4'. Zone 3 hardy, sun to part sun, gets slightly larger than Tiny Wine and has slightly larger leaves. Useful as an accent, hedge, or border.

Summer Wine - The summer wine variety of ninebark is the little sister of the Diablo. If you require a slightly more compact shrub, the summer wine fits the bill with a mature size of 6'x6'. Zone 2 hardy, sun to part sun but gets best color in more sun. Very low maintenance and has incredibly deep purples leaves. Great as a hedge or border and very fast growing as well!

Tiny Wine - The tiny wine is the dwarf version of the Summer wine above. A great size, growing to 4'x4', this option is ideal for compact plantings. Zone 3 hardy, sun to part sun, faster growing than Little Devil with larger leaves. Good for borders, accents, or as a specimen.

Interested in shrubs for fall color? Read more about our favorite shrubs with bright fall foliage here.

Visit our Garden Center at 8109 S Rt 31 in Cary, IL for these Ninebark and over 8 acres of additional plant material including dwarf ornamental trees, evergreen and shade trees, thousands of perennials and more.

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