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New Pro-Mix Organic Veggie & Herb Soil Now Available

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Pro-Mix Gardening.

This spring we will be offering two new soil blends by Pro-Mix, each designed to offer the highest quality soil solutions available. These products have been used and tested by the pros, and are now available to consumers. 


Why do we recommend Pro-Mix soils?

  1. First, it has been used by commercial growers since the 1960's and continuously improved based on the feedback of these experienced horticulturalists. The company has made a commitment to innovation and continues to influence the entire horticulture industry with their recommendations.
  2. The inclusion of MYKE. Do you want to grow more vigorous and healthy plants? This is the secret ingredient for strong root growth and prosperous harvests. This mycorrhizal fungi is proven to increase survival rates, reduce watering needs and promote rapid growth. 
  3. The packaging offers bang for your buck. Each 36lb bale is equal to 4 standard size bags of soils.

Here are the two options available this spring at The Barn Nursery.

Pro-Mix Premium Potting Mix potting

  • Ideal for seed starting
  • Suitable choice for potting & containers
  • Contains a slow release fertilizer that lasts up to 9 months
  • Formulated with a water-saving gel to hold extra water
  • Contains: Sphagnum peat moss, Peat humus, Perlite, Water absorbent polymer, Perlite, Limestone, Controlled release fertilizer and Mycorrhizae

ProMix Potting Soil


Pro-Mix Premium Vegetable & Herb MixVeg

  • Formulated with all natural ingredients
  • Contains an organic fertilizer that gradually feeds plants
  • Suitable for all vegetable and garden needs
  • Contains: Sphagnum peat moss, Peat humus, Perlite, Gypsum, Limestone, Organic fertilizer and Mycorrhizae
  • This is a great solution for filling raised garden beds quickly, easily and affordably

ProMix Potting Soil

Order Pro-Mix online for convenient pick up or visit our garden center.



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