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A Stunning Flowering Tree: The Magnolia

Magnolia are one of the most stunning of all ornamental trees, due to their large, showy blooms. There's a reason their blooms are so spectacular. Fossilized specimens have been found dating to 20 million years ago, which means the magnolia genus appeared before the bees. It's theorized that magnolia blooms developed into the large flowers you see today in order to encourage the earliest pollinators.

These early spring flowers are stunning and their deep rich foliage adds interest throughout the year. Magnolia trees vary in size and can range from a dwarf ornamental size, around 10 feet at maturity, to a 35 foot plus height. You can choose from varieties that bloom in  pink, white or yellow.  These hardy plants have a southern gentility and are one of our top selling Mother's Day gifts.

Magnolia Varieties for Illinois.png

Take a look below at some of the varieties we will be carrying in 2018. Shop now for the best selection - these trees sell out fast every spring.

Jane Magnolia - The Jane Magnolia is another popular dwarf variety with stunning two tone flowers. The outside of the petals are a brilliant purple-red while the inside of the petals are a bright white. The flowers tend to open later than other varieties and thus avoid frost damage.

Royal Star Magnolia - The Royal Star is a great choice for homeowners looking for a small, lovely accent tree. This magnolia tree has star shaped bright white flowers.

Butterflies Magnolia - The Butterflies Magnolia is a smaller variety that is considered to have the brightest lemony yellow blooms.

Sweetbay Magnolia - The Sweetbay variety is a medium sized variety, about 20 feet tall at maturity. It's pretty creamy white flowers give it a classic southern magnolia "look".

Ann Magnolia - The Ann Magnolia is a classic and one of the most popular varieties. It stays small, around 10 feet at maturity and features pink blooms.

Yellow Blooming Magnolia Varieties

Yellow Blooming Magnolia.png

Yellow Bird Magnolia - The Yellow Bird Magnolia is one of the largest varieties and reaches 40 feet tall.

Elizabeth Magnolia - The Elizabeth Magnolia is a larger variety that reaches about 25 feet tall and features a buttery yellow flower in the spring.

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