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How to Overwinter Tropical Plants And Use Them as Houseplants

It's that time of year! Cold temps have arrived and it is time to overwinter your tropical plants. Now that it is too cold outside, they need to be brought indoors. It's easy to overwinter your tropical plants. Your tropical plants will happily reside as houseplants until spring comes again

Here's what we suggest.grovemade-239359.jpg

1) Get rid of insects residing in the soil and prevent future insect problems with Bonide Houseplant Insecticide granules.  Just sprinkle over the soil and water it in.

2) Protect your floors with sturdy plastic saucers.  Empty these saucers often to prevent root rot.

3) A bright sunny window is best.

4) If your plant needs to be re-potted, check out our selection of pottery now 60% off, though the end of October 2017.

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