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How to Grow Micro Greens

Winter is a great time to grow Micro Greens!

Now is a great time to start your greens growing. Why?

  1. They make a great indoor winter windowsill garden
  2. They are easy to grow & don't take up much space
  3. They will keep you healthy!These tiny greens are extremely dense in enzymes & vitamins
  4. Their Intense flavor adds deliciousness to soups, salads and more
Micro Greens are popping up on menus across the country but what exactly are they? They are simply herbs, vegetables and greens harvested very young, after producing their first true leaves. Think of them one baby step beyond sprouts and one baby step before baby greens. They can be used in a variety of ways including soup garnishes, baked into fresh, warm bread and on salads and sandwiches.

Growing A Successful Micro-Greens Garden

For one of the easiest and quickest gardens you can grow, just follow these simple steps. Take a look at this pic of Broccoli in a seed kit.


Step 1: Getting Started

Choose your variety! Download our handy seed guide below for information on seed choices.

Step 2: Do Your Background Research on how you want to grow them.


Seeds can be grown in kits, via hydroponics or in soil. Our new Microgreens Kits from "Product of Nature" are probably the easiest to use. Newbies might want to try a kit to get a feel for the growing process. Learn more about "Product of Nature" Micro-Greens Kits.

The other option is to grow them in soil. Here are the benefits of each. It really comes down to personal preference as both ways are simple and fast. You will be able to enjoy your microgreens within two weeks!

Hydroponics –No mess –Extremely easy 

•Soil –Grow all types of micro greens –Reusable

Steps for Soil

You will need seeds, soil, water, a tray and a black out dome.microgreens3

Use 1 ½ to 2 inches of potting soil.

Moisten the soil and tap to flatten

Add seeds, an 1/8 inch more soil,

Then moisten and tap down again.

Keep seeds in the dark for 3 days

Remove black out dome by day 4 and expose to light

Mist seeds about twice per day during this time

Steps for Hydroponic Growing

Our handy micro-greens kits have everything you need, except the sun and water! Kits include seeds, germinations pads, bioglass cover and the growing tray. Each seed packet also includes a tasty recipe.

Place germination pad inside your re-useable growing tray.

Add water and wait one hour for complete saturation of the pad.

Sprinkle evenly with seeds, add the bioglass cover and place out of the sun for germination.

After germination, remove cover and place seeds in a sunny spot.

Add water daily to re-saturate the germination pad. Within 10-14 days, your seeds will be ready to harvest.

Step 3: Your Bountiful Harvest

Congratulations! You should have a tasty array of sprouts within no time at all! Simply pull them out of the kit to harvest. For micro greens grown in soil, follow these instructions.

•Harvest morning or evening when greens are cooler

•Cut with scissors

•Remove dirt and seed hulls with COLD water

•Dry micro greens on a paper towel, then refrigerate.

See? Super easy and even more delicious!

Join us on February 10th at 10am in our garden center in Cary, IL for a demonstration and more information on seed choices and best practices.


 Don't miss our handy seed guide! Learn which seeds are best grown hydroponically versus soil, germination times and more.

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