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How to Love and Care for a Snake Plant

How to Care for your Sansevieria Plant

You have probably heard this before but a sansevieria plant, AKA Snake Plant, is the easiest, most tolerant, house plant of all. In fact, most can be flat out neglected for a week or even two without real concern.

This makes the snake plant a great option for homeowners that travel, those that consider themselves new to gardening, or someone that has struggled with other house plants.  Here's what you need to know about caring for your house plant.

How to Care for a Sansevieria PlantSnake Plant

If you've been fortunate enough to receive one of these cuties from a friend or loved one, or this is your first house plant, you won't have any problems keeping it alive and thriving. These plants are easy to care for, simply follow these plant care tips.

Pilea Plant Care Basics

Temperature: Snake plants prefer a mild, even temp, between 60-80 degrees.

Sunlight: Moderate sunlight is preferred. If you move it outside in the summer, keep it in the shade since it won't like a lot of heat or direct sunlight.

PLant careWater: You should check the soil once a week, snake plants like their pots a little dry.

Pot & Soil

Your plant will need a decent sized pot so it has room to grow. The snake plant is tall and lean but that doesn't mean you can put it in an undersized pot. Typically an 8" or 10" pot will be appropriate for small plants. Make sure the pot you choose is as least as large as the pot it came in.

We recommend using a soil that doesn't retain too much moisture. A good solution is to mix Baccto Potting soil with Perlite or Cactus Soil, to lighten the mixture. These plants prefer good drainage, so make sure the soil is light and that there is a hole for drainage at the bottom of the pot.

Adding a Houseplant to Your Home

House plants are an ideal way to add a non-toxic, easy to care for living thing to your home. Houseplants are fun, green-friendly, and a trendy addition to your workspace or home.

Curious about other houseplant options? Read all about the Monstera houseplant here.

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