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House Plant Re-Stock!

Indoor plants brighten up your spaces during these dull winter months. The variety of vibrant green foliage plants, each with a unique leaf shape and growing habit make house plants a fun addition to the home and very collectible.

Our recent re-stock includes all the favorites and most popular varieties, including a couple of unique selections highlighted below. 

House Plant Shop

7 Interesting House Plants

Fishtail Palm

A larger house plant with a "taste of the tropics" feel.


Growing Instructions:

Fishtail palms are thirsty plants. Make sure soil drains well, and then aim to keep it consistently moist. If moved outside during the summer, keep it out of direct sunlight.

Bonsai Plants

New to our plant shop!


Growing Instructions:

This does depend on the variety. However, the ones we stock are easily maintained for long-term enjoyment.

Hoya Hindu Rope

Twisted, curly cupped leaves.


Growing Instructions:

Requires bright light and very little water. As a succulent, it can be watered about once a month.


A tropical succulent known as a Mistletoe Cactus.


Growing Instructions:

Water once a week, or whenever the soil becomes dry. Do not over water. Prefers a sunny spot.

Monstera adansonii

The Swiss cheese plant!


Growing Instructions:

Will climb if given support. Prefers indirect, bright light. Don't let soil dry out entirely.

Alocasia Polly

A dramatic plant with bold striped foliage.


Growing Instructions:

Prefers reliable watering and moist soil and medium light.

Sans Sayuri

A gorgeous gray green variety of snake plant.


Growing Instructions:

Tolerant of low light area and very drought tolerant.

We hope to see you soon at our plant shop! Call us at 847-658-3883 for information on these plants, including sizing and pricing.

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