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Hot Plant Alert: Heuchera Rio

Also known as Coral Bells, heuchera is a foliage perennial that adds color and texture to shade gardens and containers. They are a "collectible" plant, due to the wide variety of colors and sizes and have become a popular alternative to hosta. This season, we're encouraging you to try out a fantastic new variety, the Heuchera Rio.

Heuchera Rio

The new Heuchera Rio is a show stopper and is appropriately named after the vibrant city in Brazil. This plant is a Heuchera-Rio-4favorite of ours because of the way it changes color throughout the season. The foliage starts out peach-amber, changes to amber, and finally to yellow amber. And although it is known for the foliage, the maroon stemmed flowers topped with bright white bloom add an extra pop in the summer.

Here's what you need to know about the Heuchera Rio.


Height: Short 9" (14" in flower)
Spacing: Plant 14" apart
Bloom Time: Early Summer to Late Summer
  • Full Sun to
 Partial Shade
•Attracts Butterflies
  • •Good for Cut Flowers
  • •Edgers
  • •Evergreen
  • •Attracts Hummingbirds
  • •Awesome choice for containers!
  • •Shade Tolerant



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