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HOSTApalooza 2019! Hosta: The Ultimate Shade Perennial

Hosta are probably the most popular perennial in use in the United States. Their popularity is due to their hardiness, affordability and the fact that they are incredibly easy to grow. This is the ideal plant for a low maintenance garden.
However, some homeowners tend to think of them as a little boring.
The reality is this variety of shade perennial is anything but dull. There are over 2000 cultivars of Hosta, each one unique in size, color and foliage.  At The Barn, we carry a large selection of Hosta and consider them incredibly collectible. Even in the shadiest spots, it's easy to add variety by including a mix of Hosta.
Here are some of our favorites right now.
hostapalooza 2019
Empress Wu - Huge dark green deeply veined leaves of good substance; spikes of reddish violet flowers in early to mid-summer; one of the largest hosta varieties, it is an enormous focal point for the garden or border ends. This variety is the BIG ONE! Good choice for big dark green leaves.
Empress Wu
Shadowland "Wheee!" - 18" tall x 30" wide - Extremely ruffled leaves with light green border.  Lavender flowers and great slug resistance.  The Shadowland Wheee! is just a total delight in the garden.
Empress Wu (1)
Touch of Class - Its attractive textured heart-shaped leaves remain blue in color with prominent gold stripes throughout the season. The blue-green foliage is rich and consistent in color and its variegation giving it a clean look.
touch of Class
Striptease - Its attractive textured oval leaves remain gold in color with showy green variegation and tinges of white throughout the season. This is an award winning variety!
Risky Business - The foliage of this extraordinary variation boasts a pure white stripe-like center with wide deep green margins; a very showy plant on its own, as an accent or massed. We like the bright contrast between the deep green and vibrant white on this variety.
striptease (1)
Praying Hands - Like no other hosta, one for the collectors; upright narrow tightly folded leaves resembling praying hands; dark green with a narrow gold margin and shiny undersides; provides a dramatic accent for the garden or border; lavender flowers are plentiful. This is a super cool variety - not your average hosta.
striptease (2)
June June Hosta features dainty spikes of lavender bell-shaped flowers rising above the foliage in mid summer. Its attractive textured heart-shaped leaves remain gold in color with distinctive aqua bluish-green edges and tinges of bluish-green throughout the season.  One of the classics!
Key West Stunning, intense gold, smooth heart shaped leaves on a very large plant; spikes of lavender flowers in early summer; a striking specimen plant in the garden or border. This one feels and looks tropical. Very cool foliage that is a real stand out.
Maui Buttercups Golden leaves are cupped and round and just looks adorable. Thick leaves make it extra slug resistant.  One of the better smaller versions of hosta.
maui buttercups-1
Night Before Christmas Its attractive large textured pointy leaves remain white in color with showy dark green variegation throughout the season. Long, heart shaped leaves and a fast growing variety.
night before christmas
Halcyon Halcyon Hosta features dainty spikes of lavender bell-shaped flowers rising above the foliage in mid summer. Its attractive textured heart-shaped leaves emerge blue in spring, turning bluish-green in color throughout the season.
Dancing Queen Spectacular yellow leaves emerge and mature to a lighter butter yellow; leaf is a narrow heart shape with a piecrust edge; spikes of lavender flowers in mid to late summer; a beautiful light color addition to the garden or border.
Blue Cadet Dainty, lavender spikes of flowers rise from lush, blue-green foliage; great impact when planted with finer textured plants. One of the most blue of the smaller hosta and makes a good groundcover since it stays a little shorter.
Big Daddy Enormous bold, puckered blue-green leaves and spikes of pale lavender-white flowers; great impact plant for the garden when set against finer textured plants. This is one of the big varieties, perfect for planting under tree canopies. If you're looking for a huge flowering shade plant, this is the one for you.
big daddy
Abiqua Drinking Gourd   Large leaved ornamental blue-green leaves are cupped, nearly round. Provides beautiful texture and contrast to other plants; near-white spikes of flowers in mid-summer. One of the cool looking varieties.
drinking gourd
Hideout - Super cute mini variety sports wavy white leaves with a very thin green margin around the edges of the foliage. Perfect for rock gardens, edges and even containers. Reaches just 4" tall!
Gemstone Pocket Hosta - A mounding miniature blue hosta. Spade-shaped leaves with some waviness and very blue foliage.
Hacksaw Pocket Hosta - Very cool miniature variety earns it's name. Thin, rippled, serrated foliage make this hosta a stand out.
Blue Mouse Ears This miniature mounded hosta features small round, blue-green leaves and dainty spikes of pale lavender-white flowers; slow growing and cute as a button.
blue mouse ears
Mighty Mouse A blue-green leaf center with yellow margins in spring mature to gray-green with cream margins in summer; leaf is round and of very heavy substance; spikes of lavender flowers in early summer; a striking miniature variety.
mighty mouse
This is just a small selection of the varieties we currently have in stock. Come take a peek! Want to see more hosta? Read about Hostapalooza 2018.
For a complete list of hosta, check out our Plantfinder tool. Want to learn more about perennials? Read some of our popular articles about perennial gardening.
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