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HOSTApalooza! The Ultimate Shade Perennial

We are SO proud of our Hosta Collection!  Hosta are tough, durable, and with so many varieties to choose from, quite collectable.  Rare varieties ARE limited, so stop in soon for the best selection.  
Hosta Blue Ivory - 16" tall x 30" wide - A truly unique variety with a chalky blue center and WIDE cream to white margins.  Lavender flowers and great slug resistance.
Blue Ivory Hosta
Hosta Blueberry Muffin - 14" tall x 36" wide - Large chalky blue, corrugated/puckered leaves that hold their color all season (they don't turn green in the heat of the summer) and purple spotted stems.  Lavender flowers and great slug resistance.
Hosta Curly Fries - 8" tall x 16" wide - This hosta is AWESOME!!!  Long, skinny leaves emerge green and mature to chartreuse with heavily rippled margins.  Lavender flowers, 2016 Hosta of the Year!
Curly Fries Hosta
Hosta Rainbow's End - 11" tall x 18" wide - An astounding variety for its VERY shiny yellow and dark green leaves.  Lavender flowers are held on dark red stems.  
Rainbow's End Hosta
Hosta Cherry Berry - 12" tall x 12" wide - The best thing to ever happen to a hosta!  Bright and colorful foliage is superseded by deep cherry colored leaf and flower stems and topped with vivid violet bell shaped blooms.  Even the resulting seed pods are cherry red!  
Cherry Berry Hosta
Hosta Shadowland Wheee! - 18" tall x 30" wide - Extremely ruffled leaves with light green border.  Lavender flowers and great slug resistance.  
Shadowland Wheee! Hosta
Hosta Fire Island - 12" tall x 24" wide - Deep red stems are striking against the BRIGHT yellow foliage.  Lavender flowers.  
Fire Island Hosta
Take advantage of our sale to start a mini hosta collection!  We have so many adorable varieties to choose from, you'll want them all!  Includes Pandora's Box, Blue Mouse Ears, Tears of Joy, and SO many more!
Miniature Hosta
For a complete list of hosta, check out our Plantfinder tool. Want to learn more about perennials? Read some of our popular articles about perennial gardening.
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