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Herbs for Indoors

Chefs and home cooks love nothing more than using fresh herbs in their recipes. The problem is that store bought fresh herbs are often expensive and don't last in the fridge. A more convenient option is to plant your own indoor herb garden.

These small plants make great little houseplants. They smell amazing and most of them have beautiful foliage. Here are some tips you can use to successfully grow an indoor herb garden, along with our suggestions for the easiest herbs to grow indoors.


Top Tips for Growing Herbs Indoors

Tips for Growing Herbs Indoors

Sunlight for Indoor Herbs

Let's begin with light, which is the most critical component of growing herbs inside your home. Most herbs require a lot of sunlight, which means a very sunny south facing windowsill is the best option.  If you don't get enough natural sunlight in the home, artificial light will suffice. Even a shop light being placed above the plants will suffice. There is no need to purchase an expensive indoor plant lighting system to keep them alive.

Soil & Mulching Indoor Herbs

We recommend a light soil to plant herbs, which ensures easy drainage. Baccto Veggie & Herb or even Baccto VeggieBaccto Potting Mix is one of our favorites, since it retains moisture very well and is low in salt.

To lock in moisture, it's not a bad idea to lightly mulch around the herbs. You can even use some wine corks, which help maintain water in the planter.

Humidity for Herbs

Herbs like a fair amount of humidity, which is a challenge in our area, especially in winter. To increase the humidity around the plants, consider creating a water basin for them by filling a small saucer of stones and water near them. We also recommend frequently misting the plants, grouping them together and and keeping them near a vent to improve air circulation (just make sure it isn't too drying). Finally, you can always consider using a small home humidifier to keep them moist.


Best Herbs to Grow Indoors


  • Requires a lot of sun, but will tolerate dry airfresh-herbs-to-grow-indoors
  • Prevent flowering so plant doesn't go to seed
  • Harvest regularly
  • Allow soil to dry between watering


  • Needs to be kept cool, 60-65 degrees is best
  • Requires a lot of light
  • Do not allow this herb to dry out


  • Keep well fed and watered
  • Can be potted up from divisions from your garden
  • The easiest to grow indoors


  • Requires a very cool room - Temps around 60 degrees
  • Keep moist
  • Requires a deep pot - has a tap root


  • Can be grown from garden divisions
  • Great herb for lower light conditions
  • Allow soil to dry between watering


  • Requires a lot of light
  • Allow soil to dry between watering
  • Can be grown from garden divisions

Herbs make an excellent small houseplant, especially since they hold a household purpose: making your food taste delicious. The Barn Nursery typically stocks fresh herbs between March and October, and we will be offering seed beginning around the first of February.

Curious about how to choose and care for houseplants. Read more in our Complete Guide to Growing Houseplants.

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