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Hardy Rose Bushes the Novice Gardener Can Grow Successfully

Rose bushes are lovely, but have a reputation of being high maintenance. The varieties in this article were chosen because these are hardy rose bushes even the novice gardener can grow successfully.

In other words, these are not your grandma’s high maintenance roses! No Styrofoam cones are required. Extensive breeding has created a new generation of cold hardy and disease resistant varieties that stand out in the landscape.  

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“Why roses?” you ask?

In addition to being nostalgic, romantic, beautiful and often fragrant roses are unique for their bloom time.  Unlike many other garden and landscape plants such as peonies and lilacs, the roses listed here are either everblooming (continuously producing new blooms) or recurrent blooming (producing blooms, taking a short break, then blooming again).  This makes them perfect for high impact areas where you want continuous color, like along the front walk, or near your deck or patio where you can enjoy the fragrance.  These also the top the list for of low-maintenance rose bushes.

The Hardiest Rose Bush Selections for Your Garden

Knock Out Roses


It is no wonder Knockout Roses are our best selling roses.  They are disease resistant and cold hardy with a nice rounded habit.  The blooms emerge in late spring and continue well into fall.  Double flowering varieties have full flowers in either cherry red or bubblegum pink.  

Carefree Sunshine Roses


Yellow flowering roses are notorious for being prone to disease, but Carefree Sunshine is the exception.  From the same breeder as the Knock Out Rose, Carefree Sunshine is as hardy and disease resistant but with buttery yellow flowers that don’t fade like other yellow varieties.  

Easy Elegance Roses


The beauty of roses without all the fuss.  Easy Elegance roses are trialed and selected in Minnesota for extreme cold hardiness and disease resistance.  The collection includes Kashmir (pictured above) with its dark velvety red blooms on long stems perfect for cutting and putting in a vase.  Even the foliage is lovely, deep green with burgundy hues.  If fragrance is what you’re after, choose Sweet Fragrance.  Everblooming with flowers that are a unique combination of apricot to salmon-pink with a lovely perfume.  For a low-growing landscape rose, Paint the Town is top notch with a perfectly mounded habit, very glossy disease resistant foliage and abundant true-red blossoms non-stop from spring to frost.  

Drift Roses


As the name implies, Drift Roses have a low, spreading habit creating a groundcover of abundant blooms.  They are a cross between groundcover and miniature roses with the best characteristics of both.  Sweet Drift has bright pink and fully double flowers that bloom continuously covering a compact 18” tall by 30” wide plant.  Popcorn Drift is perfectly named as the color goes from yellow to white giving the plant the look of buttered popcorn, the flowers eventually becoming tinged with pink.   Apricot Drift (pictured above) has apricot colored blooms that age to peachy-pink.  

Purchase Hardy Rose Bushes Online

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