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Fall Lawn Seeding & Lawn Care Tips for September

Late August and September is the best time of the year to improve the look and health of your lawn. Many people think they should install new lawns or lay seed in the spring, and in fact, we do a lot of lawn work in the spring, but we still prefer fall.

At this time of year, conditions are perfect for the germination of lawn seed. There are less hot sunny days, so we have more moisture in the soil, and cooler evening temperatures are just what new lawns love. Also, 90% of weed germination is complete, which means weeds aren't competing for nutrients and water alongside your grass seed.

This is also be best season to fertilize and kill weeds, prepping your lawn for winter, so that next spring it comes up green and healthy.

In this short 5 minute video, Heather explains everything you need to know about Fall Lawn care, including the best grass seed, lawn fertilizer and organic lawn products you should be using.




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