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Dwarf Versions of Your Favorite Plants

It's cool to be small and downsizing is in! When it comes to home design and decor, being small is going big time. More and more homeowners are moving away from McMansions and opting for more economical and environmentally sound homes. Baby boomers are downsizing and condo living is more popular than ever. That leads to smaller landscape and gardens and we have taken note of the trend. Growers are consistently introducing dwarf versions of their favorite plants.

The trend really started with container vegetable gardening and square foot gardening but has expanded in to the landscape. Customers don't want to deal with the headaches of pruning over grown shrubs and trees every year. These miniature versions of trees, shrubs and perennials are perfect for tight spaces and stay smaller even at maturity. Now, you don't have to miss out on your favorite plant, just because it is too big.

Little Moses Burning Bush - The burning bush has little competition when it comes to fall color. But classic burning bush get really big and require pruning to keep their form and reduce their size. The Little Moses is a miniature version - and despite getting to just 3' by 3' it packs a whollop of bright red color.

Tiny Wine Ninebark - Ninebark are prized for the color of their foliage. The dark purple, wine colored leaves maintain their color all season and the white spring blooms offer a pretty contrast. The Tiny Wine reaches maturity at just 4'x4'.

Coralburst Crabapple - This dainty crabapple is perfect for tight spots. It reaches just 12' tall by 10' wide and the ruffly double blooms are a sweet coral color. This is a great choice for a dwarf ornamental (flowering) tree. Read our blog post, "Top 10 Dwarf Ornamental Trees for the Landscape" for additional ideas!


Ruby Tears Crabapple - We love this plant choice if you are looking for a weeping style tree. The Ruby Tears grows to just 10 feet tall and makes a great accent plant. For a unique color and shape, try this dwarf ornamental tree.

Wolf Eyes Dogwood - This dogwood tree stays smaller than other dogwoods but also stands apart because of its blooms and foliage. The variegated bright green foliage is pointy and bordered in creamy white and the long lasting white bloom have a unique shape.

Mini Salsa Barberry - The mini salsa is a true dwarf barberry shrub whose color changes from color to a bright deep red color. It gets 24" by 24" and is a showy plant and a great color contrast with green and yellow foliage plants.


Tiny Tuff Stuff Hydrangea - Our Landscape Design team cannot get enough of this miniature hydrangea. The name says it all - it is small and tough. This reliable performer blooms all summer long and bloom on both new and old wood - a big benefit in our area.

Bobo Hydrangea - The bobo is a top selling hydrangea in our garden center. Its beautiful white conical flowers bloom all summer long. This is the perfect answer for those that want a hydrangea but don't have enough space for the larger varieties.


Mini Stella Daylily - So cute and little, flowers non-stop with tiny yellow teacup-like blooms.  It is so adorably irresistible, it has become our best selling daylily!

Raspberry Shortcake Raspberry - now you only need 4 square feet to grow delicious raspberries!

Raymond Evison Cezanne Clematis - a dwarf clematis just the right size for a small obelisk, mailbox, or container.  Will not overwhelm a small structure.


Lo & Behold Butterfly Bush - Everything you would expect from a butterfly bush (a non-stop blooming butterfly magnet) just packed into a compact 24-30" plant.

Piccolino Coneflower - This plant produces an abundance of rose pink pompom flowers on a tiny 9-12" plant!

Dwarf Hosta - In many ways, Hosta are the perfect perennial.  They are super hardy with colorful leaves to be enjoyed all season long, and the added bonus of white or lavender (often fragrant) blossoms mid-season.  Miniature hosta make adorable fairy garden/miniature landscape plants or can be used along a woodland path or border.  There are too many varieties to list them all, but with names like 'Blue Mouse Ears', 'Itsy Bitsy Spider', 'Teeny-weeny Bikini' and 'Peanut' who can resist?

Marcus Salvia - The same deep purple spring color you know and love, but with a compact bushy habit.  Grows to just 12" tall and will rebloom if cut back after the first flower cycle is complete.

Burgundy Bunny Fountain Grass - A dwarf, hardy fountain grass with a combination of green and red foliage, turning completely red in fall.  Fuzzy-caterpillar plumes appear in late summer.  Grows to only 12-16" tall.




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