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Garden Goods: How to Grow Amaryllis Indoors

Friday Garden Goods: How to Amaryllis Indoors

Growing bulbs indoors is a great way to enjoy blooms throughout the winter. An amaryllis in bloom can make a stunning centerpiece for the holidays and planting them now is the perfect time to ensure they are blooming right around Christmas. But what do you need to do in order to grow the perfect bloom, just in time for your upcoming event? Let's discuss how to be successful at it.

Amaryllis bulbs come in a variety of colors and styles. Here are a few of our favorite amaryllis bulbs that will pack a punch of color this holiday season.

Queen of the Night Amaryllis 

This intensely burgandy red amaryllis is a staff favorite for it's velvety texture & color. For an alternative to the bright, santa red, try a Queen of the Night amaryllis.


Christmas Gift Amaryllis

This creamy white amaryllis appears to be dripping in luxury. It is the essential white blooming amaryllis of the holiday season but can be planted anytime and forced indoors for  enjoyment year round.


Red Lion Amaryllis

The Red Lion Amaryllis is the classic Christmas Bulb and the top seller in the US. It's extra large, vibrant, rich Christmas Red color stunning and long lasting. It is also known as one of the quickest growing amaryllis.


Apple Blossom Amaryllis

This sweet bloom is white with lime green at the center, opening to blush and pink along the outer edges, just like the blooms of an apple tree in the spring. It's a beauty. While not a traditional holiday amaryllis, this variety adds a touch of spring to the dreary winter days.


Step by Step Guide to Growing Amaryllis Indoors

Once the variety of amaryllis is chosen, it's simple to get started. All you will need are the following items:

  1. Bulb of choice
  2. A pot slightly wider than the bulb itself, or a larger pot for 3-5 bulbs
  3. Soil or loose rocks
  4. Water & Sunlight (as needed)
  5. A decorative top dressing to cover the soil.  Try green moss, fake snow, decorative bark, birch discs, or wine corks.

Next follow these easy steps:

  1. Fill the bottom of the pot with a small amount of soil or rocks then place the bulb in the pot so that the "shoulders" are below the edge of the pot, the "neck" sticking just above the pot.  Fill the pot with just enough soil/rocks to cover the "shoulders" leaving the "neck" exposed.
  2. Water and put it in a sunny location
  3. If you filled the pot with soil, water every 3-4 days (If you filled the pot with rocks, water every other day) and enjoy blooms in 6-8 weeks!

** Fun Tip for the Kids**

Amaryllis are quick growers! Pull out a measuring tape and measure how many inches the plant grows every couple of days!


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