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Friday Garden Goods: "How Do I Overwinter a Tropical Plant?"

"How Do I Overwinter a Tropical Plant?"


You've invested time, money and effort into caring for your plant all year and don't want to just throw it away! Very common reaction. After all, you've watched them thrive all year, why give up now? Gardeners baby their plants through the growing season and just because winter is upon us, it does not mean you need to give up your healthy tropical plants. At this time of year, one of our most frequent questions is, "Can I bring my plants inside and keep them alive this winter?" The answer is yes. Here is a quick run down of the steps you need to follow to successfully overwinter your tropical plant.

How To Overwinter Tropical Plants in 6 Simple Steps

  • Plan to bring the plant in when night time temperatures start to dip below 40 degrees.
  • Before bringing the plant indoors, prune back the TIPS of the plant.  This will reduce the amount of foliage the plant has to support thru the winter.  ALSO, many insects (like mites and aphids) prefer to congregate at the tips of the plants, so you will be removing them instead of bringing them in with the plant.  
  • Spray the plant with Eight or Insecticidal Soap BEFORE bringing it indoors (Insecticidal Soap can be used before or after the plant has been brought indoors).  Additionally, you can apply Systemic Insect Control Granules to the soil to kill any insects residing in the soil AND prevent foliar insect infestations.
  •  Keep the plant in a room that is bright and cool (50-65 degrees is ideal).  The plant will drop many of its leaves, this is normal.
  • Allow the soil to dry in between watering.  Do not let water sit in the saucer, and do not fertilize while the plant is indoors. 
  • Move the plant back outdoors after the frost-free date and start fertilizing.

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