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Curb Appeal: Your Home's First Impression

Make Your Home The Prettiest on The Block

Houzz.com is a great website for landscape design ideas! We have uploaded most of our portfolio to Houzz to help our customers create lookbooks of ideas for their landscape. If you have not yet discovered Houzz, it is an incredibly addicting home decor, architecture and landscape design idea site. And did I mention it was addictive? We've noticed a HUGE trend of people on Houzz adding front yard pictures to their ideabooks, primarily looking for ways to improve their curb appeal. Curb Appeal is your home's first impression. What impression does your landscaping create when car pool moms drop off your children? Your landscaping is the first welcome your guests receive. If you think it is time for an upgrade, we can help. Our designers have put together some tips to easily improve the look and feel of your front yard and entrance.



The picture above is a great example of a simple landscaping that improves the look and feel of the entire home. What jumps out is the cleanliness and health of the landscape, which leads to our first tip.

1. Have a clean and healthy lawn and landscape. We have soooo many tools and resources to help you with this. It's easier than you think. A quick edging in the front, a new layer of mulch and your spring application of a Step One Crabgrass preventer and fertilizer will go a long way towards improving your landscape. Here are some quick links for more information.

Lawn Care


2. Pull Out What Isn't Working. Just because it exists, doesnt mean you need it. Similar to cleaning out your closet, it may be time to take out plants that are overgrown or haven't lived up to their potential. It's still early enough to transplant them and try them out somewhere else. Don't feel bad about pulling out overgrown shrubs or perennials.

3. Add Year Round Color. Year round color doesn't truly exist but with the right mix of plants you can achieve year round interest. Look for plants with really long bloom times, like roses, day lilies or small evergreens. In the image above, boxwood, day lilies and some perennial grasses were used. Perennial Grasses are beautiful in the summer and fall. Leave them as is for winter and enjoy their flowing branches, gently dusted with snow throughout the winter.


4. Add the unexpected. If there is room, a cute little bench or garden stake can add a big burst of personality and comfort. In the picture above, a wrought iron bench provides a cute little resting spot in the front yard. Window Boxes add ambiance and warmth to every home.


5. Add layers of color. Planting annuals in containers or in the landscape will bring big color to the front yard. Don't forget to change them seasonally! Just one flat of annuals can cover as much as 10 square feet in bright summer color. In the image below, we planted yellow and purple annuals to border the entrance to the home.



6. Upgrade the Hardscape. A broken, failing concrete entrance can literally sink your curb appeal. Our Landscape Division can work with you to fix or replace the entrance hardscape with new concrete, natural stone or brick pathways and stoops. The image below is a great example of curb appeal. Symmetrical plantings on either side of the door, boxwood for year round color, a pop of purple from annuals and a gorgeous bluestone entrance.


Please enjoy our FREE Guide to Improving Curb Appeal!

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