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Easy Fall Lawn Care

Easy Fall Lawn Care easy-fall-lawn-care

Just a few steps to a beautiful, healthy lawn!

Now, now, now is the best time for many lawn care tasks, especially seeding and over-seeding. And it doesn't have to be hard or time consuming. Follow these 5 simple steps now to ensure a healthy lawn next year.

      1. Kill Grubs: Grubs can wreak havoc on a lawn. Avoid dead spots and damage by killing the grubs now. Pick up Bayer 24 Hour Grub Control at our garden center. This product is easy to spread and requires only one application.
      2. Remove Thatch: What is thatch? Simply put, it a layer of dead and living shoots, stems, and roots that develops between the zone of green vegetation and the soil surface. Why remove thatch?  When thatch builds up, it becomes the perfect environment for harboring insects & disease. It also becomes a barrier, preventing air, water and nutrients from reaching your soil. In the fall, the 4th step lawn program needs to reach the roots of the lawn in order to provide nutrients throughout the winter. Removing thatch prior to the application of fall fertilizer will allow the fertilizer to penetrate more deeply. We recommend Natural Guard Soil Activator to remove thatch. Natural Guard breaks down thatch biologically and organically and turns that thatch into nutrients for your soil.
      3. Repair Damaged Lawn: Mid-August through late September, weather dependent is the best time to seed a new lawn or overseed an existing lawn. Simply rake patches to remove dead grass and then apply a 1/4" thick layer of topsoil and top off with a light layer of grass seed.  We offer three types of premium grass seed.

        Premium Sun: Fine textured premium blend of Kentucky Bluegrasses for a golf course-like lawn.

        Rough & Tough: High quality blend with a coarse texture for extreme durability.  Requires less water and fertilizer.

         Ultra Shade: A blend of shade tolerant fescues for a lush green lawn under trees.

      4. Spray for Perennial Weeds: Spray for perennial weeds now with Weed Beater Ultra from Bonide. Weed Beater Ultra contains four active ingredients killing the toughest weeds all the way to the root! Clover, violets even creeping charlie doesn't stand a chance against Weed Beater Ultra from Bonide.
      5. Feed for Root Development: Whether you choose a traditional or organic lawn care program, the 4th step fall application of fertilizer is critical for a healthy lawn next spring. We recommend Espoma Organic Fall or Ferti-lome Winterizer. Another great option is Nutri-Pel Natural Fertilizer.
      Click below to download our free annual lawn care guide.

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