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Spinning & Twirling Into Fall: New Landscape Decor


Spinning & Twirling Into Fall

As a local small business we know how important it is to support other entrepreneurs. Not only is it supporting our local economy, but it is just so nice to work with hard working, dedicated individuals in the community. Choosing local vendors instead of mass suppliers is one way of "paying it forward" and at the same time, we are passing along their wonderful wares to you! This fall we are excited to be offering our customers high quality, unsunflowersmallique garden and home decor from two local businesses that offer products you won't find at the local big box stores.

Steelheart may look familiar. We have carried their products for years and for good reason.  Steelheart and The Barn have a real dedication to quality and their style of garden art looks splendid alongside plants from our garden center. This fall look for spinners, balance stakes and those beautiful tinted coneflowers and sunflowers from Steel Heart.

Ancient Graffiti home and yard decor is amazingly beautiful iron art. We love their unique hanging pieces, spinner and wind chimes. From Zen design to butterflies and more their pieces are lovely, unique and exceedingly well made. We are sure you will enjoy them in your landscape as much as we do! Available in a number of sizes and colors and 30% off in September.









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