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Beyond the Basics: Unique Perennial Bulbs for the Landscape

  Unique Perennial Bulbs

The first pop of green, working its way through the soil or even remaining snow is one of our most cherished harbingers of spring. The classic yellow daffodil is a sign of spring as All American as apple pie. However, there is so much more to perennial bulbs than red tulips and yellow daffodils. Bulbs come in a seemingly limitless variety which makes them perfectly suitable for any garden design you can dream up. Planting just a few perennial bulbs can easily provide beautiful color in your garden for several months, year after year.

Perennial Bulbs are a wonderful tool for spring landscaping for a couple of reasons.

1. Year After Year Color with Little Maintenance. Bulbs come back every year!

2. Staggered Blooms. Our bulbs come labeled with their bloom time. Choose a variety of bloom times to keep your garden in bloom throughout spring.

3. They're the perfect filler until perennials grow on throughout the spring.

At our Garden Center we offer all the basics, including deer resistant bulbs, and bulk bags of tulips and daffodils. But we also work with premium growers from Holland to create a selection of unique high performance bulbs that really bring up your "Wow" factor. Go "Beyond The Tulip" next spring with bulbs from The Barn Nursery & Landscape center. Some of our favorite perennial bulb varieties are listed below.


Allium ‘Globemaster’

BIG bulbs and even BIGGER blooms!  The GIANT ball shaped cluster of blooms sits on top of 3-4 foot stems, open in June and are very long lasting!  Allium is SUPER hardy in well drained soil and are disliked by rabbits and deer.

All Spring2

Daffodil ‘All Spring Blend’

A mix of large and small flowering daffodils with early mid and late bloom times for a spring of continuous daffodil blooms!  Super hardy and animal resistant!


Leucojum ‘Gravetye Giant’

Also known as Summer Snowflake, this perennial bulb grows to 18” tall with arching stems and drooping white bell shaped flowers and each petal has a tiny green dot.  Deer and rabbit resistant and long lasting. 


Daffodil Chapelet

A PINK daffodil!  Well, as pink as daffodils get anyway.  This very unusual variety has large white outer petals but the “trumpet” in the center is peachy-pink, ruffly, and split so it is more open.  A rare beauty!  Deer and rabbit resistant.

Lycoris sqleamigera

These tall perennial bloomers have simple leaves but their gorgeous pink blooms make them showstoppers. Really unusual trumpet shaped pink blooms; these perennial bulbs are real head turners. Their nick name is "Naked Ladies" because of how they bloom on long, leaf-less stalks.

Fritillaria persica

This bulb has a cone with bell shaped flowers at the top. Their interesting shape is a sculpture like addition to your landscape. Beautiful deep purple color stands out when combined with white or yellow tulips.

Nectaroscordum siculum bulgaricum

Greenish white flowers with plum colored stripes on long 2-3' stalks. The flower cluster is about the size of a baseball and shaped like an umbrella. This unusual bulb draws lots of attention, an exotic addition to the late spring garden. The strong garlic scent of the bulb repels pests!


 Unique Tulips Bulbs


Margarita - A unique double flowering tulip with blossoms that look like peonies.  They bloom Early-Mid season and last longer than single tulips. Plant a few extra for cutting, they look lovely in arrangements!


Black Parrot – A very late season tulip with dark purple (almost black) fringed petals.


Fantasy – Fringed dark pink blossoms with green streaks.  A very late season bloomer. 


Hemisphere – A mid-season bloomer with dark pink and white streaked flowers.

Bulbs are arriving from Holland throughout early September. Call our garden center at 847-658-3883 for availability. Want us to do the dirty work? We will happily put together a quote for bulb design and planting.



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