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Autumn Fantasy Maple: The Ultimate Fall Color Shade Tree

Autumn Fantasy Maple:

The Ultimate Fall Color Shade Tree


The Autumn Fantasy Maple, acer x freemani 'Autumn Fantasy', is a selection of maple most closely resembling the Autumn Blaze Maple. A hybrid of the silver and red maples, this variety combines the best aspects of both; the beauty of the red maple and the vigor of the silver maple. The Autumn Fantasy Maple is known for a richer, ruby red color in the fall, larger leaves and a slightly quicker growth rate. 

Our Autumn Fantasy Maples are locally grown at our farm in Harvard before being dug and carefully transported to our retail garden center in Cary, IL. Being locally grown, in our soil and climate, and cultivated by our experienced nurserymen, allows these natural, slow grown trees to adapt most efficiently when transplanting, especially tolerant of our local soil conditions. The strength of the silver maple combined our homegrown location, makes the Autumn Fantasy Maple particularly tolerant of harsh conditions and clay soil.

autumn-fantasy-maple-canopy autumn-fantasy-maple-canopy

Each tree is shaped throughout the growing process to ensure lush, think, full canopies. With a mature height of 50' and width of 40' the Autumn Fantasy is an ideal shade tree, creating a generous shaded area under the deep green foliage of the canopy. As summer turns to fall, the foliage deepens into a vibrant bright red and becomes a fall focal point in the landscape.

Another strength of the Autumn Fantasy Maple is the growth rate. After establishing a solid root system, growth will be approximately 2' to 3' a year! For homeowners replacing a mature tree that has died, or trying to establish some mature landscaping in a new home, this maple is a great choice.


Currently, our garden center and landscape design team are stocking very large Autumn Fantasy Maples. With a trunk diameter of up to 5" and heights reaching 20 feet plus, these specimen plants will quickly fill in an empty landscape and provide ample shade almost immediately. Our Autumn Fantasy Maples are part of our Barn Premium Select line, locally grown and carrying a two year warranty. They will make a wonderful addition to your landscape design and provide years of shade, color and enjoyment. We offer a wide selection of shade, ornamental, and evergreen trees; read about some of our favorites here.

Questions about the Autumn Fantasy Maple? Call our garden center at 847-658-3883. 

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