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Prairiefire Dogwood: A Colorful Hardy Shrub for the Landscape

Prairiefire Dogwood:

A Colorful Hardy Shrub for the Landscape

The Prairiefire Dogwood is a bit of a show off. Showy foliage, unique colors, interesting stems..the list goes on and on.


There are many reasons to love this landscape plant but the bright color is at the top of our prairiefire-dogwood-shrublist. The vibrant yellow green foliage makes it a perfect choice for color contrast in your landscape. Place it next to green hydrangea or any deciduous shrub, evergreens or purple and red leaf shurbs like Ninebark, Barberry or Smokebush and these dogwood will pop out of the landscape. For homeowners looking for a shrub that is not green, the Prairiefire Dogwood makes a great solution. Fall foliage doesn't disappoint and it's brilliant red and flaming orange-red stems provide winter interest.


There aren't many shrubs available that qualify as true summer bloomers but this dogwood is just coming into bloom. Creamy white flowers appear in late spring to early summer and is followed by white berries in mid-summer.


The cornus alba 'Prairiefire' is easy to maintain, low maintenance and disease resistant. It typically grows to about 5-8' tall and wide and can be pruned as needed. New growth displays the best red stems so you can prune out 10-20% of the stems in the early spring to encourage new growth. This plant can take part shade but will come into deeper color in full sun. It makes a great hedge plant or showcase piece in the landscape.



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