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4 Reasons to Plant an Autumn Blaze Maple

4 Reasons to Plant an Autumn Blaze Maple in your Landscape

The Autumn Blaze has quickly become one of the more popular shade trees for the landscape. It is all around a great tree and its popularity is well deserved. The Barn Nursery's Landscape Design team came up with 4 simple reasons the Autumn Blaze Maple is the number one shade tree in Chicagoland.


  1. Adaptability is a hybrid (red and silver maple) tree that has the vigor and adaptability of the silver maple with the beauty and strength of the red  maple.The Autumn Blaze will grow, quite simply, pretty much anywhere! In our area, a dense clay soil is very common. The Autumn Blaze can handle clay soil and most environmental conditions. It's a great option for urban areas and parkways for this ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions.
  2. Speedy Grower This shade tree is a fast grower. It will take about on year to establish it's root system but after that you will see fast growth.
  3. Disease Resistance The Autumn Blaze shows superior disease resistance and few pests bother it. Red maples are know for their vigor and the Autumn Blaze gets this trait from their parent, red maple. For this reason alone, the Autumn Blaze makes a great Ash tree replacement.
  4. Fall Color Across Northern Illinois, the amazing vibrant, fire engiautumn-blaze-maplene red Autumn Blaze set the stage for fall. The autumn blaze provides nice color all year but are well known for their spectacular fall foliage which turns a bright orange red.

At The Barn, we prefer to offer locally grown maples. Slow grown, in our local climate, Autumn Blaze and other maples have literally grown up in your back yard. They acclimate quickly to their new homes and start growing within even the first year. Have questions about the Autumn Blaze? Give our garden center a call at 847-658-3883. One of our landscape designers would be happy to discuss your landscaping needs.

Learn more about the Autumn Blaze Maple by clicking here!


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