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Heard in the Garden Center: There's Mold On My Grass!

At our garden center, we have had a few customers ask us about the mold that is appearing on their lawn as the snow melts.

This winter's weather has wrecked havoc on lawns all over Northern Illinois and the most frequent problem we are seeing this spring is Snow Mold. Snow mold isn't that common in our area, but the unusually old weather and the amount have snow have combined to create a worse snow mold problem than we have seen in a long time.

What is Snow Mold?

snow mold

Snow mold is a turf disease that appears when early winter snows occur and do not have the opportunity to melt off. This mold tends to appear in areas where drifts have developed and snow has been piled up and is slow to melt off. It grows along the top of the turf, on the leaf blades that is trapped between a not quite frozen soil and the pile of snow. As warmth returns with spring and the soil begins to thaw while the snow is on top of it, we see an explosion of snow mold.

The symptoms of snow mold are seen as the snow melts away from diseased areas. The mold appears like rough patches of gray, spiderweb like, mold. The turf itself look like tan, dead patches and the mold itself, growing on the grass blades, webs together to form the spider web like appearance.

If you have snow mold, there are a few products you can apply to improve the health of your lawn. Fungicides will only work preventatively so we do not recommend applying a fungicide this spring. Fungicides will only work if applied last fall as a preventative action. Snow Mold will resolve itself as the season continues. However, you can apply Natural Guard Soil Activator to help break up the dead turf and increase nutrients in your lawn. At The Barn, we think this is the best action for those homeowners that would like a healthy green lawn as quickly as possible this spring.

If you have questions about a lawn condition or disease, give us a call! Or bring in some pictures. Our lawn control experts will diagnose your lawn or insect disease and recommend the correct solution.

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